Parineeti 1st May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 1st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev removing water from Pari’s stomach after which she responds for a few seconds.

After that, again Pari stops responding so Rajveer suggests Rajeev admit Pari to the hospital as soon as possible so Rajeev takes her to the hospital.

The receptionist asks Rajeev who are they after which Neeti tells her that she is Pari’s best friend and Rajeev asks the doctor to admit Pari.

Then, the doctor asks Rajeev to complete the formality so that they can proceed with further things while Neeti acts as being heartbroken due to Pari’s condition.

Pari’s aunt takes care of Neeti and asks her to not worry while Neeti acts as if she is being affected worst after which Bebe comes there and says Pari is Neeti’s paramour which makes Pari’s aunt shocked.

She stares at Bebe after which Neeti also behaves like she does not know anything while Bebe justifies herself and says that she is saying that Pari is in danger.

Bebe asks Mandeep to bring water for Neeti after that Bebe praises Neeti for her acting and says that for one minute she thought that she was worried for Pari in reality.

Neeti tells Bebe that she will never waste her tears on Pari, and she will be the happiest person if Pari dies which makes Bebe happy.

In the meantime, Rajeev and Pammi pray to God for Pari while Neeti and Bebe tell Mandeep that Pari is no more after which a glass of water falls from Mandeep’s hand.

Neeti asks the doctor what happened after which the doctor tells her that Pari’s brain is filled with water due to which it can stop working forever and Pari would never recover which brings a smile to Neeti’s face.

Bebe also becomes happy, but they behave like they are more tense for Pari after that Pammi tells Rajeev that she has talked with Chandrika’s dean, and he has arranged for Pari’s treatment in a good way.

Rajeev does not believe in her after which the doctor who is treating Pari also asks Rajeev to listen to Pammi’s advice and it will be best option if they take Pari to Chandigarh where her proper treatment can take place.

Then, Rajeev agrees to them and decides to take Pari to Chandigarh while Pammi asks him to not waste time and take Pari to Chandigarh tonight only.

Later, Rajeev and Neeti go along with Pari in the ambulance while Pari holds Rajeev’s hand, and he shows it to Neeti while Pari again stops responding after which Rajeev becomes emotional and asks Pari to respond to him.

Neeti murmurs that today is Pari’s last day and after that Rajeev will become her husband forever whereas Rajeev’s bracelet gets tangled in Pari’s manga sutra so he asks the nurse to wait.

Meanwhile, the nurse suggests he not wait over there and instead directly come to the operation theatre, so he goes along with them while Neeti also follows them, but the nurse stops her from coming inside.

Rajeev talks to Pari but she suddenly falls unconscious after which he calls the doctor and asks them to check Pari while Pari’s mangal sutra breaks when Neeti tries to remove Rajeev’s bracelet from Pari’s mangal sutra.

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