Parineeti 1st November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st November 2023 episode starts with Bebe asking Parminder to sit down as she has also kept fast while Gurinder tells everyone that men of this family also like to eat sargi along with the ladies.

Parminder asks Pari to sit with them and eat the sargi along with them while Chandrika also insists.

Bebe asks if Pari has not kept fast then why she will eat sargi with them after which Parminder says that Amit and Rajeev have also not kept the fast but they are also eating along with them.

Then, Bebe asks Pari to eat with them while Parminder gives Karwa Chauth shagun to Chandrika and Neeti whereas Pari thanks god for helping her in keeping fast for Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Rajeev asks Neeti to not keep the fast if she does not want to keep it for him but Neeti says that she will keep the fast as it is the ritual of their family.

Gurinder tells on call to someone that her daughter-in-law is going to keep fast for Rajeev while Bebe hears her conversation and tells her that she has two daughter-in-laws i.e. Pari and Neeti.

Gurinder says that she does not consider Pari as her daughter-in-law so Bebe suggests she make Pari eat food to ensure that she has not kept fast.

On the other hand, Parminder gives bangles to Pari and says that Pari is her daughter-in-law that’s why she is giving her those bangles which makes Pari emotional.

After that, Parminder goes from there while Pari wishes to clear the differences between Rajeev and Neeti whereas Neeti says that she is having a headache and she searches for balm but cannot find it.

Then, Rajeev comes and asks her to sit while he brings balm for her and applies it on her forehead which makes Neeti emotional as they both recall their happy moments in the past.

Pari makes a wish from God to unite Rajeev and Neeti as she wants when the child developing inside her womb comes into this world as the baby's mother and father should be happy first.

Meanwhile, Gurinder brings food for Pari and asks her to eat so that Gurinder’s fast can be broken while Parminder comes and intentionally spills food on her clothes which panics Gurinder.

Parminder takes her along with her and helps her in washing the stain but Gurinder goes from there saying that she has some important work to do.

Meanwhile, Gurinder again goes and makes Pari eat food forcefully and she observes that the plate is empty after which she asks Pari when she ate.

Pari tells her a lie that she ate when she went to wash her stain while Gurinder tells her that she was also like her and used to eat too fast.

After that, she goes from there while Pari asks god to forgive her for lying.

She calls Neeti’s mom so that Neeti can feel good while Chandrika says that Pari has a big heart as Neeti tried to harm her but she is still being good to Neeti.

Just then, Chandrika remembers that someone has sent sweets for Bebe so she goes to hand them over to Bebe on time.

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