Parineeti 1st September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st September 2023 episode starts with Pari standing up with the support of the stand.

She looks around helplessly as the gas starts filling the room slowly and she screams for help yet no one arrives to help her get out of the room.

Pari puts a hand over her stomach, muttering that she will soon get out of this room to save her baby and she comes to the conclusion that this room is soundproof which is why no one can hear her voice.

Meanwhile, Rajeev suddenly starts breathing heavily in his hospital cabin so the doctor urges the nurse to bring the senior doctor into the room.

The doctor just stares at Rajeev with sadness after realizing that Rajeev's condition has worsened which means it will be hard to keep him alive.

When he breaks this news to the Bajwa family, the whole Bajwa family starts freaking out while Neeti begs the doctor to tell her how Rajeev is doing.

Monty claims that Rajeev is fighting for his life whereas Pari is nowhere to be found but this time everyone is too scared for Rajeev to think about anything else.

Inside the room, the doctor suddenly recalls how Pari's voice called Rajeev down the last therefore he orders the Bajwa family to find Pari as soon as possible because he believes that Pari is the only one who can save Rajeev's life.

Hearing this, Neeti gets blinded with rage as she yells that she is Rajeev's wife which means she should be allowed in Rajeev's room since Rajeev loves her very much.

She further clarifies that she will call Rajeev's name and Rajeev will wake up yet the doctor shuts her down by saying that he does not care if she is Rajeev's wife or not as his main concern is to save Rajeev.

This answer pisses Neeti off and she storms away from there with Bebe following her.

As soon as Neeti and Bebe arrive at the lonely hallway, Bebe urges Neeti to calm down while Neeti yells that she hates Pari for ruining her life.

Neeti regrets always saving Pari from every trouble because if she had not then by this time Pari would have left her life which makes Bebe smirk.

At the same time, Parminder arrives there, saying that Neeti is thinking very wrong about Pari, adding that Bebe should stop feeding Neeti the wrong things regarding Pari.

The accusation makes Bebe very mad and she reminds Parminder about how she is the eldest family member so Parminder should respect her.

On the other hand, Pari finally realizes that poisonous gas is filling the room through AC when she feels her heart beating like a hammer in her chest.

She knocks on the window countless times, begging everyone to open the door but since no one can hear her, she falls down on the floor in exhaustion.

In the meantime, Neeti tells Parminder that everyone in the Bajwa family only cares about Pari, and her friendship with Pari is not the same anymore.

Saying this Neeti walks away from there while Parminder shouts at Bebe for causing trouble between Pari and Neeti.

Just then, Gurinder shows up and claims that Parminder should stop siding with Pari all the time which makes Parminder upset so she walks away.

When Parminder meets Monty and Chandrika, she tells them that Neeti has started distancing herself from Pari while Monty questions her if Neeti is again bad-mouthing Pari.

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