Parineeti 20th April 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 20th April 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 20th April 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 20th April 2022 episode starts with Neeti apologizing to Rajeev after she finds out he was helping someone.

Meanwhile, Rajeev checks Parineet's purse in order to find her ID to inform her relatives and fill out the hospital form.

Unfortunately, Rajeev fails to see Parineet's face on her ID but nonetheless fills the hospital form as her husband.

Later, Rajeev helps the hospital staff to shift Parineet into the hospital room.

As Rajeev is leaving, his hand gets stuck into Pari's mangalsutra which reminds him of his wife Parineet in Barnala.

Meanwhile, Neeti is informed about Parineet's accident and she arrives at the hospital.

Later, Rajeev recognises Pari as the woman he met with the balloons and is happy to clear the old dues by helping her in the hospital.

As Neeti meets Pari, she finds her in distress as Pari shares about seeing Rajeev in the hospital as well as in the parking lot.

However, Neeti says the man in the hospital was not Rajeev but the guy who burst her heart-shaped balloon.

This makes Parineet believe Neeti as she was not able to see the face of the guy she met in the market.

Pari cries thinking of her husband Rajeev and wishes to find him soon.

Later, Pari tells Neeti that she knows Rajeev loves her dearly but she is unable to find him and feels lost.

On the other hand, Rajeev discusses with Monty how he saw the woman who met with an accident with the same mangalsutra as Pari.

Rajeev says Pari should never see him and should stay in her village.

Rajeev expresses his true feelings to Monty as to how he never had feelings of love or even liking towards Pari all throughout his wedding.

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