Parineeti 20th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 20th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari collecting courage within herself after Ambika motivates her and she decides to face Rajeev and his family without any fear.

Ambika feels good to see the new version of Pari where she wants to live for herself and fight against the people who did wrong to her whereas Pari looks into Ambika's eye before entering into Bajwa mension.

After that, she holds Ambika's hand and enters Rajeev's house which surprises Rajeev and everyone over there while Pari does not melt in front of them and behaves like she does not care for them.

Neeti becomes shocked to see her over there while Pari recalls everything that Neeti has done to her which breaks her heart but she does not show on her face while Rajeev is also not able to believe that Pari is alive.

Rajeev calls her Pari after which she taunts him and asks him if there is a ritual in this family to welcome anyone with the name Parvati.

Gurinder becomes anxious while Ambika introduces Parvati to everyone mentioning that she is her daughter whereas Gurinder says that she is her Pari and she asks her where she went after doing the drama of being dead.

Ambika clears everyone's confusion and says that she is her daughter Parvati but no one believes her after that Gurinder says that Pari is her daughter-in-law.

After that, Pari reacts differently and says that she has not been married and her mother is forcing her to marry but she is refusing, and if again they will do such things then her mother will start forcing her to marry.

Later, the worker in Parvati's firm introduces Parvati to Rajeev's family and gives details of everyone whereas Bebe asks Pari how she met Ambika while Pari makes a weird face and changes her accent.

Pari holds her head and says that they are creating chaos for her after that she says that she wants a drink then Ambika also acts along with her whereas Rajeev is still not able to process that she is not Pari.

He asks her to look into his eyes after which she ignores him and goes to have a drink after that Ambika also comes behind her for the drink and they come out from there.

Meanwhile, Rajeev's manager asks him to not inquire a lot otherwise they will do a great deal with Ambika and he tells Rajeev that she is not Pari because he saw her in Australia along with Ambika a few years ago.

Neeti also does not believe and says that they are not having any confusion while Pari tells Ambika that she got a bit nervous after seeing Rajeev but Ambika assures her that she is always there for her while Neeti calls Pammi so that Pari can get exposed in front of everyone.

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