Parineeti 20th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 20th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 20th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 20th March 2023 episode starts with Parminder welcoming the members of Mahila Samiti.

While Parminder introduces her family members to the guests, she feels a bit sad as she announces that Pari is just Neeti’s friend.

One of the members informs Neeti that she has seen her picture on the front airline magazine, making Neeti blush and Neeti reveals that she is on a break due to marriage.

Meanwhile, Pari is walking in the hall when Parminder urges her to stop and as soon as Pari turns around, Parminder tells her that she wants Pari to cook her famous “Gajar Ka Halwa"(Carrot sweet).

Parminder goes on to say that Pari will never let her down.

After Parminder and Pari walk away, Bebe comes out of her hiding spot, mumbling that she will make sure to break Parminder’s trust in Pari.

She then calls Neeti to let her know that her room is on fire.

When Neeti enters her room in a rush, she feels relieved to see her room perfectly fine and Bebe informs Neeti that her room is all right but reminds her how Gurinder has also developed a liking for Pari as everyone in the family only wants Pari.

Unable to hear the bitter truth any longer, Neeti orders Bebe to get silent who in return tells Neeti that she has one chance to ruin Pari.

Bebe makes Neeti understand that she can put Pari down in everyone’s eyes by switching Gurinder’s medicines.

Neeti who is already burning with jealousy announces she will do it.

Afterward, Neeti and Bebe both enter Gurinder’s room while Gurinder is sleeping, Neeti quickly switches the “day” medicine to “night”.

At the same time, Gurinder starts moving seeing that Bebe hides behind the door feeling scared whereas Neeti lies that she came to check on Gurinder.

Neeti urges Gurinder to go back to sleep while Bebe feels stupid for hiding since she can always make up the excuse that she has come to check if Gurinder is alive or dead.

On the other hand, the rest of the Bajwa family and the guests are talking in the living room when one of the guests lets out a yelp as she twists her ankle suddenly.

Arriving there at the same time, Pari starts twisting the guest’s ankle even more while everyone urges Pari to not do it.

However, the guest starts praising Pari for relieving her from pain, causing Neeti to shoot a death glare at Pari.

Pari walks away from there saying that she needs to give Gurinder medicine and she gives Gurinder the wrong medicine while Bebe feels happy for being able to get revenge on Gurinder by using her daughter-in-law.

Later, Pari and Chandrika are cooking in the kitchen when Rajeev walks in and informs Chandrika that Parminder is calling for her.

Chandrika drops the water jug on the floor and Rajeev loses his balance due to this so Pari holds his hand to give him support.

Arriving there at the same time, Neeti feels angry seeing Pari so close to Rajeev but she does not show it on her face, rather she states that he should not bother Pari.

Pari feels grateful seeing Neeti caring for her like this.

Afterward, when Rajeev enters the room, he falls onto the floor with Neeti on his top and they both get lost in each other eyes.

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