Parineeti 20th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with ladies of the Bajwa family applying mehendi while Pari also again applies the mehendi.

Neeti smirks because initially she ruined her mehendi and now Rajeev will not write his name in her mehendi whereas Pari's mehendi color gets darker.

Pari tells about this thing to Neeti after which Neeti asks her to tell Rajeev about it, but Pari becomes shy and says that she cannot tell him.

Just then, Rajeev crosses from there after which Pari asks him to stop, and she tells him that her mehendi color has become dark after which Rajeev intentionally asks her what it indicates.

She tells him that it means that there is intense love between husband and wife after which Rajeev asks her if that much love is there between them.

Pari blushes and nods her head whereas Neeti comes there and asks Rajeev to dance along with her, but he says that he will dance with his wife Pari by looking into Pari's eyes full of love.

Neeti feels bad but does not say anything except smile after which Rajeev dances along with Pari which attracts everyone's attention.

Pammi becomes happy whereas Neeti does not praise them after which she insists Rajeev dance along with her while Pammi does not like it.

Meanwhile, Rajeev agrees to dance along with Neeti, and they both dance while Neeti tries to get closer to him while dancing after which Rajeev asks her what she is doing.

Neeti lies to him that her leg slipped, and she asks for an apology from Rajeev whereas Shally comes out from there and murmurs that something is cooking between Rajeev and Neeti because they were so close while dancing.

He decides to clarify it from Neeti but thinks that if he asks about it from Neeti then she will refuse for wedding whereas family members play an interesting game which creates a cheerful mood among everyone.

Everyone asks silly questions each other and gets silly and weird replies in return which makes everyone laugh whereas Rajveer asks for an apology from Pammi, but she makes a weird expression after which he sings a song for her which melts her heart, and she accepts his apology.

After that, Rajeev tries to flirt with Pari in front of everyone which makes Pari feel shy whereas Neeti gets angry and tries to control her anger.

On the other hand, Mr. Mehra asks Shally why he is drinking alcohol on the occasion of his wedding festivities after which he ensures his father that he just took a single sip of alcohol as he was willing to drink it.

Mr. Mehra does not say anything and asks him to come inside after some time while Shally again drinks another shot of alcohol whereas Neeti asks Rajeev what would have been his reaction if he had got her earlier than Pari.

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