Parineeti 20th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari crying after which Rajeev consoles her and tells her that he will never go away from her.

Meanwhile, Neeti overhears their conversation and murmurs about why Rajeev is so obsessed with Pari while Rajeev notices that Pari is having a fever.

He becomes anxious and takes Pari to the room and takes care of her whereas Pammi is sitting in the kitchen after which Rajeev comes there and asks her why she is sitting there.

Pammi says that she is not falling asleep due to Pari's tension after which Rajeev asks her what happened then Pammi tells him that Pari is trying to accept Neeti's child, but she is not happy from inside.

After that, she says that Pari is worried that Neeti will take her place in Rajeev's life after which Rajeev assures Pammi that he will not let Neeti come between him and Pari.

Pammi becomes happy after she tells Rajeev that she feels that Neeti is not pregnant and she is acting of being pregnant, so Rajeev decides to confirm Neeti's pregnancy.

Later, on next day Rajeev pays extra attention to Pari and serves her hot parathas after that Pammi says that she wants to go to the hospital for her blood test which makes Pari anxious.

Pari asks her what happened then Pammi lies to her that she is feeling weak after which Pammi asks Neeti to come along with her to the hospital.

Neeti feels happy and murmurs that finally Pammi has started considering her as part of their family and she agrees to go there along with Pammi.

After that, they reach the hospital and the nurse asks Pammi to come inside for a test after which Pammi then asks Neeti to come along with her as she is afraid of injections then Neeti comes along with her.

Pammi holds Neeti's hand, and the nurse comes there to take Neeti's sample after which Neeti starts shivering and asks her why she is getting her blood test done anyhow she manages to escape from there.

Neeti tries to inform Pari about it but she is not able to listen to it Neeti returns home and starts crying after which she tells everyone that Pammi was trying to kill her child.

Pari tells Neeti that she is thinking wrong after which Rajeev says that Pammi has done everything according to his plan and that he thinks Neeti is not pregnant, so he asks Pammi to have Neeti's test done.

Then, Neeti shows her pregnancy reports to everyone and says that she has proved that she is pregnant after that she asks Pammi to prove that she was not trying to kill her child.

Meanwhile, Pari calls her friend who is a nurse in the hospital, and asks her to tell the truth then she tells them that Pammi intentionally came there for Neeti's test after which Gurinder becomes angry and asks Rajeev to marry Neeti.

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