Parineeti 21st January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 21st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 21st January 2024 episode starts with Amit finding out that the forest manager did not open up the dam causing the flood.

Meanwhile, the water has started to fill up the pit in which Pari and Rajeev are trapped.

Rajeev promises to find a way out for him and Pari while Pari asks him to come soon as both she and her baby will await him.

Back in the forest, a man asks Neeti to go as there are a lot of holes that can make her fall inside the pit.

Neeti scares the man away by showing him her gun after which she looks for a way to get inside the pit.

She finds a pit and decides to jump in it so that she can end Pari's life once in for all while Pari looks for Rajeev.

Neeti finds Pari and says that she is done with her and is now going to kill her without hearing any more tales of their friendship.

She says that she will not let Pari spend seven minutes with Rajeev let alone 7 lifetimes.

She looks for her gun which she has accidently dropped after which she changes her mind and says that Pari does not even know her a little bit.

Pari says that Neeti has changed and that is why she does not know her.

Neeti asks her to shut up as both she and Rajeev betray her to which Pari says that she will not hear a word against Rajeev.

Neeti replies that Pari is asking her not to talk about her Sanju to which Pari says that now Sanju belongs to her.

Pari says that Neeti left Rajeev to which Neeti says that she knows it and also knows that Rajeev missed her a lot once she was gone however Pari instigated him against her.

Neeti says that Pari has fooled the entire family by making them believe that she is the most noble person on the face of the earth.

Pari looks at Neeti and tells her that she needs to go find Rajeev otherwise the place will flood with water and they will all die separately.

As soon as Pari tries to leave, Neeti holds her hand and pulls her back saying that she is not yet done with her.

In this attempt to pull Pari towards herself, Neeti accidentally pushes Pari into the water.

Neeti looks at Pari without making any evident effort to save her best friend from this disaster.

Meanwhile, Pammi calls Rajeev and asks him if they are okay to which Rajeev says that he has found a way to save him and Pari.

He asks them not to worry as God has listened to their prayers while Pammi tells him that Ranjeet has realized his mistakes and has agreed to help Rajeev and Pari.

The network goes off which makes Rajeev go to the place where Pari is to fetch her.

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