Parineeti 21st June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 21st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari touching the feet of Pammi after which Neeti says that it has been proved that she is Pari not Parvati.

Ambika takes a stand for Pari and gives a befitting reply to Neeti that Pari is very much grounded in Indian culture so she touched the feet of Pammi so Neeti should think before saying anything.

Then, she tells Pari how to touch the feet after which she asks Pari to do the same so she bents down and touches Pammi's feet again and behaves like a foreigner so that no one can think that she is their Pari.

Pari tells them she has lived in a foreign, so she does not know much about Indian culture as Ambika does not have much time to teach her the things that are Indian after that she tells them that she took four hours to tie this saree.

Afterward, Pari asks Pammi if she should touch her feet again as she had not given her the blessings at that time then Ambika asks her to again touch her feet while Pammi mentions her as Pari.

Pari controls her emotions and says that everyone in the Bajwa family has a Pari problem which means that they are very much attached to Pari.

Later, Pari notices Babli and she becomes emotional while Neeti notices her and murmurs that if Pari reacts after seeing Babli then it will be proved that she is Pari in real.

Just then, Ambika calls her and asks her to not look at Babli as Rajeev and Neeti are over there so Pari controls her emotion and ignores Babli whereas Chandrika becomes anxious after seeing Pari.

Sukhwinder asks her what happened after which Chandrika says that she is terrified after seeing Pari and says that if she is Pari in real so when she will get to know that she has joined Neeti's team what will be her reaction.

Then, Sukhwinder asks her to not worry as Pari is dead while Neeti wonders along with Gurinder and Rajeev that Parvati is Pari in real and they need to prove it soon.

Meanwhile, Pari locks herself inside the room and cries recalling the things and regrets for Pammi's condition, and says that she cannot tell her the truth as she has to teach a lesson to Neeti.

Pari starts crying while Neeti tries to overhear Pari but she suddenly opens the door and behaves like Neeti is trying to breach her privacy while Neeti says that she has been exposed and she questions Pari why she didn't tell her truth to everyone.

After that, Pari tells her that she wants to expose her in front of everyone which makes Neeti and everyone anxious while Rajeev questions Ambika about where she got Pari but Ambika does not tell him.

Ambika says that she is not Pari while Pari comes out of the room then Neeti also comes behind her trying to stop her.

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