Parineeti 21st March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Shally meeting Pari and expressing his concern that he thinks something is cooking between Rajeev and Neeti.

Pari becomes anxious after which Shally tells her that Rajeev and Neeti are gossiping and spending quality time together.

Shally holds Pari's hand and takes her there whereas Neeti notices Shally coming there after which she behaves normally in front of him and asks Shally what happened.

Meanwhile, Shally asks Pari to ask Rajeev what is happening whereas Neeti asks Pari why she is looking tense.

After that, Rajeev also asks Pari what happened whereas Neeti cracks a joke but Pari dislikes it and scolds her after which she asks Shally to always have trust in the person who is close to him.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Neeti do not understand after which Pari and Neeti go from there whereas Shally asks Rajeev what he does to attract ladies toward him.

Rajeev asks him to tell clearly what he wants to say after which Shally asks him why Pari and Neeti like him.

Then, Rajeev tells him that he maintains trust in his relationships due to which everyone likes him after which he expresses his love for Pari in front of Shally which removes Shally's doubt that Rajeev does not like Neeti.

Later, Rajeev flirts with Pari and asks her to drink juice from his glass but Pari blushes and she goes from there whereas Shally also goes from there after which Neeti secretly drinks from the glass from which Rajeev drinks the juice.

Shally notices it and gets angry whereas Neeti meets Shraddha as she gives her paternal bangles and asks her to always wear them whereas Shally gets confused as he notices that Shraddha has started liking Neeti so he cannot ask Neeti about his confusion.

After some time, Mehra returns to their home while Neeti stops Shally and asks him to not drink alcohol as she does not like it after which Shally taunts her that there are many things that he also dislikes but he is avoiding.

Pari overhears their conversation and talks to Rajeev and says that she is worried about Shally and Neeti's relationship after which Rajeev assures her that there is nothing like that because Shally himself was telling him that he loves Neeti a lot.

Then, he gives his favorite anklets to Pari while Neeti notices it after which she takes Pari into her room to sleep along with her whereas Shally's uncle asks him to call Rajeev tomorrow on time because they have to look after the biggest project.

Shally murmurs that he will not tell Rajeev anything so that he can lose his job and decides to do something so that Neeti can also dislike him.

On the other hand, Neeti asks Pari to give her anklet but Pari does not understand what to say after that she makes an excuse and says that she will bring a new anklet for her from the market.

However, Neeti forcefully takes away the anklet from Pari and wears it, murmurs that she can feel Rajeev's essence through it, and thinks that one day she will snatch Rajeev from her in the same way as the anklet.

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