Parineeti 21st May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 21st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder insisting Rajeev marry Neeti as she is going to become his child's mother.

After that, everyone asks Gurinder to think before speaking after that Gurinder says that she is right at her place while Rajeev says that he will never marry Neeti at any cost which hurts Neeti.

Neeti also refuses to marry Rajeev and goes from there after which Bebe goes behind Neeti and asks her to be happy as Gurinder is going to complete her dream after that Neeti says that she wants Rajeev to come to her along with a marriage proposal.

Meanwhile, Pammi asks Gurinder to not think of such things after that Gurinder reminds Pammi why she fixed Rajeev and Pari's wedding then Pari says that she was pregnant that's why she married Rajeev.

Gurinder asks Pari to think about Neeti after which she goes from there while Rajeev also comes behind her but she locks the door from inside then Rajeev insists her to open the door otherwise he will go from there.

On the other hand, Pammi argues with Gurinder after which she asks Pammi to stay away from her kids otherwise, she will let her know her limits which hurts Pammi.

Gurinder argues with her for exercising rights over her kids and taunts her for being a bad mother reminding Daljeet's case after which she goes from there directly to Neeti's room.

She tells Neeti about it but she yells at Gurinder and asks her who told her to do it after which Gurinder scolds her and asks her to be within her limits and asks her to stop the drama for today.

Then, Neeti asks her if Rajeev and Pari know about the pooja that is being conducted tomorrow whereas Pari hugs Rajeev after which he assures her that he will not marry Neeti.

Pari asks him to marry Neeti and goes from there after that Rajeev asks her why she is saying this then she tells Rajeev that she has started him from the first day when she saw him till today.

Rajeev asks her why is she sending him away from herself then she asks Rajeev to again marry Neeti and says that she will always remain his friend even if he marries Neeti.

Meanwhile, Rajeev gets provoked and says that he is her husband and loves her after Bebe comes there and asks Rajeev and Pari to come on time for pooja tomorrow.

After that, Rajeev hugs Pari and goes from there while Pari cries in a corner whereas Neeti recalls Rajeev's words that he will never marry Neeti at any cost.

Later at night all three of them get confused and wonder about their destiny while Rajeev sleeps on Pari's lap and says that he will never leave her.

On the next day, Pandit ji asks Neeti and Rajeev to sit in pooja, but Rajeev says that he will sit with his wife Pari, not Neeti after that Bebe does her drama and asks Neeti to abort the child. 

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