Parineeti 21st October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 21st October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 21st October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 21st October 2023 episode starts with Rajeev getting angry after seeing Daljeet dancing with Pari and Neeti when he goes to slap Daljeet leading everyone to stop after seeing this.

Meanwhile, Daljeet gets angry at Rajeev feeling humiliated while Rajveer tells him that he shouldn’t have danced with Pari and Neeti.

Parminder explains to him that his mistake was that he forced Pari and Neeti to dance with him and she also mentions him as foolish in front of everyone.

Daljeet highlights the word foolish in front of everyone while Gurinder asks him to tell his problem so that she can sort out things.

Parminder says that she is feeling bad after hearing all these negative things coming from her son’s mouth.

Rajveer scolds him while Parminder tries to control the situation by saying that Daljeet has drunk a lot on the occasion of her birthday and therefore, she asks him to come with her in his room.

However, Daljeet annoyingly says that he lives in the guest room now as his room has been snatched by Rajeev while Rajveer says that he will never give any room to him after seeing his attitude.

Rajveer asks Daljeet to leave the house while Daljeet asks them to vacate the house by telling them that he had the signature of Parminder on the property papers by deceiving her.

Everyone gets shocked while Daljeet pushes Parminder who tries to come toward him but Pari somehow saves her and scolds Daljeet for misbehaving with his mother.

She says that they will not leave the house at any cost and also tells him that the real property papers are with her making Daljeet confused.

She explains to him that she had collided with the courier man when she was going to take her report and he gave her the property papers that the lawyer had made.

Pari tells him that she exchanged the property papers with her reports which makes Daljeet get angry as Rajeev asks Daljeet to leave the house now.

Meanwhile, Pari also says that when she was bringing the cake, she saw Kakkar Uncle lying unconscious so she went to check on him and sprinkled water on him.

Once conscious, he revealed to her that Daljeet was trying to have Parminder’s sign on property papers by betraying her.

Pari says that she explained to Kakkar Uncle that she had exchanged the papers while Kakkar Uncle asked her how she was so sure about it then she told him that Daljeet was overconfident so he would not crosscheck the papers.

Just then, Mr. Kakkar comes there and tells Parminder to thank Pari because today she saved their house and he also says that Parminder has given birth to a monster.

Parminder cries after hearing all these things while Daljeet says that she should have pride in him as he deceived such a big lawyer and manipulated him to make the fake papers.

Parminder tells him that her heart is breaking while Rajveer asks Daljeet to leave the house but Parminder says that Daljeet will live with them.

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