Parineeti 21st September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 21st September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 21st September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 21st September 2023 episode starts with Pari telling to Neeti that maybe god wishes that Rajeev's and Neeti's child to be born from her womb.

Neeti says that she does not care about it and she cannot live under the same roof where her husband's mistress is also living.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes and says that he cannot stop caring for Pari while Neeti says that it's clear from his actions so she will leave this house.

Suddenly, Pari tries to stop her but Neeti asks her to leave the house and suddenly, Rajeev gets back to reality.

He thinks that he cannot tell the reality to Neeti as it will cause pain to Pari and he also says that Pari has done so much for this family so he cannot do injustice to both Pari and Neeti.

Meanwhile, Neeti recalls the moment, Rajeev touches the feet of Gurpreet as if she is his mother-in-law and she goes into her room.

She rethinks about her rights and decides to kill Pari's child at any cost now.

On the other hand, Bebe comes to meet Neeti but they both collide and Bebe notices that she is crying.

Neeti confirms whether she has called Shambhu or not when Bebe tells her that he is on the way.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes to meet Neeti but she does not talk to him and says that now it's too late.

On the other hand, Gurpreet asks Pari why is she leaving this family but Pari does not tell her the exact reason.

She indirectly tells that someone very close to her is in pain due to her therefore, she wants to go back with her.

In a few seconds, Chandrika comes there and asks both Gurpreet and Pari to come outside.

Meanwhile, Shambhu and his gang enter the house and he meets Neeti but she asks him whether his gang knows how to shoot a person or not.

He gives her a demo, she gets satisfied and Bebe goes out of the room yelling Shambhu's name leading Gurpreet to hear and ask who is he.

Bebe gets nervous and says it's Shiva's other name, also today is his son's birthday so she wants things to be held properly.

After saying this, she goes from there while Gurpreet still doubts her and decides to know the truth.

Meanwhile, Gurinder taunts Pari and reminds her to leave the house when Pari tells her after the function she will go with her mother.

On the other hand, Monty comes to Parminder and asks for help as he has called martial artists to show their art till then Gurpreet also joins them.

They start to laugh over Monty for his silly behaviour as he called an artist today on the occasion of Ganapati Pratisthapna.

Meanwhile, Neeti is in tension as she wants her plan to be executed successfully this time without any problem.

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