Parineeti 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Bebe asking Pari to sit with her so she can know her better.

Arriving there just then, Parminder tries to divert the conversation by urging Pari to bring tea for Bebe but before Pari can walk away, Bebe orders her to stay.

Bebe then questions Pari why no one from her family has come to pick her up here as she has lived with them for a long time.

Bebe again asks Pari why her father has not come to pick her up to which Pari replies that her father is no more with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

However, Bebe announces that Pari is an orphan now after her father’s death so this explains why Pari lives in the Bajwa house.

While Pari is still comprehending Bebe’s cruel words, Parminder orders Bebe to be sympathetic but Bebe just shrugs.

At the same time, Pari gets a call from the doctor who orders her to come for an operation today when Rajeev and Neeti enter the hall.

Neeti offers to go with Pari as emotional support upon hearing the doctor’s words while Pari continues talking to the doctor on the call.

When Neeti starts feeling dizzy, Rajeev offers to go with Pari and Parminder also urges Neeti to rest.

As Neeti still persists to go, Parminder tells her that Rajeev will be there with Pari, so Neeti does not need to worry.

Afterward, while Neeti is happily watching some toys that her baby will play with them very soon, Bebe walks in.

Bebe tells Neeti that here she is planning a future with her kid and on the other hand, someone will soon destroy her happy married life soon.

Neeti looks at Bebe with confusion but Bebe clears that Pari wants to become Neeti's "sautan" and that's why she has agreed to rent her womb.

This statement makes Neeti so angry that she forgets about Bebe's elderly age and scolds her for even thinking such a bad thing for Pari and Rajeev.

As Neeti walks away angrily, Bebe shoots glares at her, saying that she is letting go of Neeti's rude behavior this time but she will not tolerate it again.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Rajeev watches Pari going to the operation theater with a hidden love expression on his eyes and when Pari comes out after the successful surgery, the doctor informs Pari and Rajeev that they have to come next day again for treatment.

Once the doctor leaves, Rajeev thanks Pari for doing this for Neeti who in return replies that Rajeev is degrading her and Neeti's friendship by thanking her.

On the other hand, in Bajwa's house, Neeti again scolds Bebe when Bebe tries to gaslight her,saying that maybe Pari has gone to make a baby with Sanju.

Neeti states that Bebe is very immature compared to her old age and walks away abruptly.

Afterward, Bebe thinks to herself that she will tell Neeti the truth soon to destroy the peace of this family.

Later that night, Rajeev and Pari are coming back from the hospital when they get stuck on a road where a riot breaks.

However, Pari and Rajeev run away from there, leaving the car before the goons can attack them.

Back in Bajwa's house, everyone is getting ready to dine when Siimmy, Neeti, and Bebe get news notifications on their phones.

As Simmy reveals that a riot has broken out on the road, everyone gets shocked.

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