Parineeti 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Ambika getting angry when Rajeev says that Parvati is his Pari not her daughter after that Ambika goes from there.

Meanwhile, Pari comes downstairs and collides with Rajeev and she is about to fall after which Rajeev saves her from falling which makes Neeti angry and she asks Parvati to stay away from Rajeev.

Rajeev after holding Pari recalls her touch and says that she is his Pari for sure while Ambika asks her manager to explain Rajeev and his family to stay away from Parvati otherwise she will cancel the deal with them.

The manager assures her that he will clearly explain everything to Rajeev and his family after that he goes to meet Rajeev and tries to explain to him and asks him to not pester Ambika otherwise, she will take away her share from Rajeev's project.

He terrifies Rajeev and says that Ambika handles thousands of projects like this so it is not so much worth for her to consider backing from his project and if she does so then Rajeev will have to pay the loan.

Neeti becomes angry and asks how he can talk like this with Rajeev and if Ambika is so rich then why is she interested in their project after that manager does not have any answer but he manipulates her and says that he insists on her investing in their project.

Meanwhile, Pari tells Ambika that a lot of things have changed in the past year as her sister Babli is working like a servant over there and Pammi's mental health is making her upset as there was a time when the whole house used to listen to her things.

Ambika tells Pari that she will have to face a lot of things and that if she gets weak then she should recall the things that the Bajwa family has done to her and killed her baby which makes Pari cry.

Later, Rajeev comes to see Parvati and Ambika and asks for an apology for considering Parvati as Pari and says that they will not repeat this thing further.

Neeti calls Babli and asks her to bring a carrot dish which is kept in the refrigerator for Parvati and Ambika ji to taste and she tells them that it is her and Rajeev's favorite dish.

Babli becomes emotional after seeing Pari over there while Monty tells her that she is not Pari, but Babli is not able to believe it whereas Neeti meets Gurinder and Daljeet and they try to make Neeti understand that Pari is not Parvati.

Neeti does not believe in them and says that soon Pari herself will accept the truth on her own after the manager announces that after a few days, Rajeev and Neeti's wedding is about to take place which makes Pari feel bad.

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