Parineeti 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti writing Rajeev's name on her hand with Mehendi.

Meanwhile, Pari comes there with lunch for Neeti and she notices Neeti after which she enters the room while Neeti hides her hands whereas Pari asks her if she was writing Shally's name on her hand.

Neeti lies to her that she was writing Shally's name after which she murmurs that she has written Rajeev's name on her hand while Pari forcefully tries to see her hand.

Then, Neeti spoils her mehendi so that Pari cannot recognize the name whereas Rajeev tells his boss that he is ready with the presentation.

Just then, Aaluwalia comes there whereas his wife is busy with some phone call while Rajeev is about to go outside but Mrs. Walia comes there and they both collide.

Rajeev mistakenly holds her hands and stares at her forehead after which she asks him to not stare at her after which Rajeev tells her that something is stuck on her forehead.

Then, she cleans her forehead after which they begin with the presentation and Mr. Walia is convinced with the presentation whereas Shally spoils everything and says that Rajeev can present better ideas than this.

After that, Mr. Walia says that he will wait for more new ideas further and goes from there along with her wife whereas Mr. Mehra scolds Shally after which Shally says that Rajeev can do much better than this.

Rajeev assures him that he will do something more creative and he returns home while Pari waits for Rajeev and scolds him for coming late to the house.

Then, they both have dinner together while Rajeev creates a beautiful moment by decorating everything as if it is a candlelight dinner which makes Pari feel special.

Neeti overhears their conversation when Rajeev discusses with Pari the things that happened to him in the office.

Later, Neeti tells Rajeev that she can help him with the project but Rajeev ignores her where as Shally calls Neeti and asks her to meet outside the house.

Neeti goes to meet him and he asks her to come with him to the office to see what he does but Neeti refuses and says that she has no interest in office-related work.

She tells him that she is feeling sleepy after which she goes from there which breaks Shally's heart whereas Rajeev tells Pari that he will work in the study room so that she can sleep peacefully.

Before leaving he tells Pari that he felt bad noticing the anklet that he gifted her on Neeti's feet which makes Pari wonder and overthink.

She talks about it to Rajeev and he tells her that so many emotions were related to it after which Pari also says that it was her favorite whereas Neeti overhears their conversation.

Rajeev taunts Pari that someday Neeti will ask her to share him with her then she will share him too but Pari tells him that this time she won't let anyone come between them.

Neeti smirks and goes from there and on next day she makes Pari feel bad by saying that she has more experience related to designs so she can help Rajeev better than her.

Meanwhile, Pammi doesn't let Neeti succeed in her mission and sends Pari to the site for work along with Rajeev.

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