Parineeti 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the Bajwa family receiving an invitation for Holi from their friend's house.

Pammi accepts the invitation to the Holi party and informs Rajeev and Pari about it because they both are especially invited to it.

Neeti feels jealous of Pari and decides to go to the party along with Bajwa while Pammi feels bad when Neeti says that she wants to attend the party along with them.

Pari tells Neeti that she can come along with them but Pammi murmurs that Neeti will again create chaos and try to come near Rajeev in the party.

Then, she decides to call Shally so that Neeti cannot go after Rajeev whereas Shally is busy with his work but when he receives a call from Pammi regarding it he accepts it and gets excited to attend the holi party along with Neeti.

On the other hand, Neeti selects the white dress to wear at the party and thinks of another idea to harm Pari over there by joining hands with the goons.

After some time, they go to the party and meet guests which creates a cheerful environment as colors and balloons are kept everywhere.

Pari meets her friend and introduces Rajeev to them while Neeti also interrupts them and try to be a part of their conversation which provokes Pammi's anger but Rajeev asks Pammi not to react to it.

Then, Neeti meets the goon and they decide to fit a time bomb in a room so that they can harm Pari and her friends. After that she makes Pari enter the room where the bomb has been fit.

She calls Rajesh for help after which he comes there by covering his face so that no one can recognize him.

After reaching there, Neeti and her mates narrate him all the plan and they successfully bring Pari and her friends to the room and tie their hands with rope so that no one can run away without their will and start the timer.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and his friends search for their wives and they come to the room where Pari and the other ladies are tied.

They remove the rope and defuse the bomb after which one of Rajiv's friend, who is an inspector catches the culprit which again fails Neeti's plan.

Later, everyone begins the Holi party and enjoys a lot by applying colours to each other while Rajeev and Pari get good time to spend with them.

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