Parineeti 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Pari requesting Rakesh to leave her alone since she does not want to create any scenes.

Neeti arrives at the I.C.U door which causes the smirk to wipe off his face and he orders her to turn around on his heels to walk away.

To stop Pari from slipping away from his hand, he pushes a cart in front of Pari, causing Pari to harm her stomach.

Her hand instantly goes onto her stomach to check if the baby is all right after the cart hits her lightly on her stomach.

She then jumps into Neeti’s arms and Rakesh stands there watching them with greeted teeth.

He again yells at Neeti, asking her to give him his Pari back as he only wants Pari not her while Neeti orders Pari to run out of the I.C.U.

After Pari runs away from the I.C.U., Rakesh is about to chase her when Neeti points a knife at Rakesh in fuming anger.

Neeti keeps the knife just a few inches away from Rakesh’s eyes, yelling that she has still not forgotten how she lost her baby due to Rakesh shooting her.

Rakesh eyes the knife nervously, mumbling that it was Neeti who came between so it was not entirely his fault.

Neeti kicks the gun in Rakesh's hand while keeping eye contact with Rakesh, resulting in the gun dropping on the floor with a clinging sound.

She announces that this time Rakesh’s life depends on her since it is a surgical knife which is why Rakesh should be careful now, otherwise she will stab him in his heart.

Noticing Neeti’s blazing eyes, Rakesh starts walking backward like a scared mouse but very soon he turns Neeti around by grabbing her hand.

He whispers into Neeti’s ears that no,  he will see how she will do his kidney surgery while Neeti struggles to get free from Rakesh’s grip.

She uses her elbow to hit Rakesh due to which Rakesh’s grip gets loosened for a moment and she comes out of his grip.

Neeti announces that she wants Rakesh to take Pari out of her life but Rakesh does not hear it, instead, he also states that he only wants Pari to be with him.

Hearing this, Neeti rolls her eyes, claiming that she is also talking about the same thing which comes as a shock for Rakesh.

He reminds Neeti that she and Pari are best friends but Neeti replies that she wants Pari to get out of her life forever.

She further informs Rakesh about Pari being the surrogate mother while Rakesh asks her if she has learned the truth about Pari being Rajeev's wife.

Neeti just lowers her eyes in response while Rakesh asks her about a way to get Pari.

Neeti creates a plan with him that will make be foolproof.

Once the discussion is done, Neeti clarifies that if this plan gets successful Rajeev will not stop Pari from leaving and Rakesh praises her for being a mastermind.

On the other hand, Rajeev notices Pari's texts during the meeting so he quickly comes out of the meeting to check her call.

However, as soon as he hears Rakesh's name, he comes running to the hospital.

When he arrives at the hospital, Pari explains to him about Neeti being in danger so they start running toward the I.C.U.

However, Neeti hears the footsteps at the right time and orders Rakesh to hide behind a curtain.

She then pretends to be unconscious so Pari and Rajeev take Neeti home.

Afterward, in Bajwa house, Rajeev makes it clear to everyone that if Rakesh tries to harm his baby or Pari, he will kill him.

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