Parineeti 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Rajveer urging Parminder to thank Pari for exposing Daljeet like this.

Parminder ignores Rajveer’s words as she keeps crying about her son while Rajeev pats Parminder’s back gently.

Just then, Pari enters Parminder’s room and feels her stomach twisting into knots, seeing the pain in Parminder’s eyes, assuming that she is responsible for it.

Pari tells Parminder that she is sorry for causing so much trouble but Rajveer advises Pari not to apologize since she has done the right thing.

However, this advice does not ease Pari’s guilt because Parminder does not look up to acknowledge Pari’s presence.

When Pari walks out of the room, she recalls Neeti’s words about how she has ruined Parminder’s birthday.

Pari walks in a trance-like state, feeling sorry for herself, and as soon as she steps into her room, she collapses on the floor.

At the same time, Rajeev enters Pari’s room, saying that Pari should not feel sorry for herself as she has done nothing wrong.

Pari’s eyes start to tear up after hearing this so she confesses that if she knew Parminder would get hurt she would have done things differently.

Rajeev wipes Pari’s tears while muttering that this house is very close to Parminder’s heart as she has been living here for a very long time and that Parminder must be grateful to Pari for saving this house.

He then looks at Pari warmly as the words sink into Pari’s mind slowly and a slow smile spreads on her face.

Meanwhile, Shambhu is spying on Pari and Rajeev from inside the almirah without being noticed by them.

On the other hand, Neeti is fuming in her room when Bebe walks in, praising Neeti for her acting at the birthday party.

Neeti rudely yells that she was not faking her anger out there because this is her family and she feels sad for Parminder.

She even accuses Pari of creating trouble which makes Bebe look at Neeti with mischievousness.

Neeti claims that Pari should not have brought up the private matters in front of the crowd but before she can say anything further, Rajeev announces from behind that Pari has done the right thing.

He makes it clear to Neeti that she should not blame Pari for Parminder’s sadness yet Neeti keeps repeating that if it was her, she would have kept the family matter private.

Hearing this, Rajeev smiles amusedly which pisses Neeti off so she walks out of the room with Bebe following her.

As soon as Neeti is out of sight, Rajeev picks up her phone from the table and takes help from his friend to unlock it.

Once the friend unlocks the phone, Rajeev is stunned to find messages between Neeti and Shambhu.

In the meantime, Shambhu is looking around the Bajwa house in search of food since he is very hungry.

He finally finds the fridge but before he can open the door, he hears Pari’s footsteps approaching the kitchen so he hides behind the kitchen door.

Pari is oblivious to Shambhu's presence and mutters to herself that she is feeling very hungry nowadays when Rajeev surprises her from behind.

He lovingly makes sandwiches for Pari but as he turns to feed Pari the sandwich like a caring husband, Shambhu steals one piece.

Meanwhile, Shilpa calls Bebe, ordering her to feed Shambhu properly as Shambhu is inside the Bajwa house which makes Bebe scared and she starts looking around for him.

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