Parineeti 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 23rd September 2023 episode starts with Gurpreet questioning Gurinder and Parminder for not taking care of Pari.

She also mentions that she never expected this thing from Parminder that she would hide such a big thing from her as someone tried to kill her daughter at the construction site.

Parminder says that the situation was not allowing her to tell the truth and that's why she was quiet but Gurpreet does not listen to her.

She says that she will never forgive them and she directly goes from there to Pari's room.

She knocks at Pari's door and after entering the room, Gurpreet starts crying while hugging her.

Pari gets worried and asks what happened but Gurpreet does not say anything and asks for an apology from Pari because she thinks that she is not a good mother.

Pari says that she is the best mother in this world as she is acting like both mother and father.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet says that in a real sense, Pari is protecting her from everything, and after that, she tells Pari that someone intentionally tried to attack Pari at a construction site on that day.

Pari is shocked after hearing this and she is not able to process that Gurpreet knows the truth as she keeps on staring at her.

Gurpreet scolds her as Pari hides the truth from her and tells her that Rajeev came at on right time that day and saved her.

Moreover, she also tells Gurpreet that every member of the family loves her.

However, Gurpreet asks her if Neeti also loves her or not.

Pari becomes silent and Gurpreet says that she knows everything while Pari asks her if Babli told her the truth.

Gurpreet ignores and tries to explain to her that Rajeev loves her so she wants Pari to give some time to him so that things can get clear.

She also adds that Rajeev is bound in an unwanted relationship with Neeti but his heart still beats for Pari only as she has seen it in his eyes.

Pari says that she cannot come between Neeti and Rajeev as Neeti loves him a lot and she also tells Gurpreet that she can do anything for Neeti's happiness.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet still tries to explain to her that Rajeev does not belong to Neeti and asks her to fight for her rights as she deserves to live in this house with full respect.

On the other hand, Bebe secretly hears their conversation and smirks, directly goes to Neeti, and holds her hand.

Neeti stops and Bebe tries to provoke her against Gurpreet by telling her that she is explaining to Pari to fight for her rights.

Neeti gets shocked while Bebe says that she knows how Neeti is feeling right now as Neeti has huge respect for Gurpreet in her heart.

Neeti says that her destiny is really bad as the person whom she loves the most that person only betrayed her at last.

Moreover, she completely shatters and starts crying in Bebe's arms so Bebe superficially tries to console her.

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