Parineeti 24th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 24th April 2023 episode starts with Neeti asking Pari why she has done this to her.

Pari asks her what she means while Rajeev tries to intervene.

However, Pari tells him to let Neeti talk and tells Neeti to speak clearly.

Rajeev tells Pari to go to her room since Neeti seems tired but Pari says that she should know what her friend is struggling with.

Neeti angrily tells Pari that there is no change of mending their relationship while Rajeev tells Neeti that she is going overboard.

Sulochana overhears their conversation and smirks thinking that her words are very sharp.

Neeti tells him that he didn't even think once that their relationship will be at stake while he asks her what she means.

Rajeev requests Pari to go inside while Pari asks Neeti what she has done wrong.

Neeti tells Pari that she can never snatch her relations from her and tells her she can never be a part of the Bajwa family.

Rajeev tries to stop Neeti but she starts arguing with him by telling him that he doesn't even care about her emotions.

Neeti continues rebuking Pari telling her that she has crossed her lines and blames her for the fights happening between her and Rajeev.

Pari stands shocked while Neeti tells her that she took advantage of her since childhood but she won't let it happen anymore.

Rajeev tries to calm Neeti but she argues that Pari has ruined their relationship.

Parminder silents Neeti and tells her to have some shame while Rajeev tells Pari not to cry since her health will be affected.

Neeti talks back to Parminder who in anger is about to reveal the truth.

However, Pari silents her and Neeti continues blaming Rajeev.

Gurinder comes forward and stops Neeti telling her that she is the one who cannot give an heir to the family.

Neeti cries as she reasons that it is because of her saving Rajeev and Pari that she cannot be a mother anymore.

She faints and Pari and Rajeev tend to her while Bebe smirks thinking that she does not care if Neeti wins or loses since her mission was to break the family.

Pari begs Neeti to tell her that she is lying and that it is all a dream.

However, Neeti continues to blame Pari for everything while Parminder tells Neeti that she does not know who has influenced her to say such things.

Rajeev turns to Bebe and confronts her reasoning that Neeti has been staying with Bebe the most nowadays.

Bebe tells them that it is a fight between them and Neeti agrees.

Rajeev tells Neeti that the fight would have been between them if it had ended in their bedroom while stating that he feels like this is not the Neeti he fell in love with.

Neeti retorts that she also feels like Rajeev is changed and it is only because of Pari.

Rajeev reminds Neeti how much Pari has sacrificed for her and tells her that it takes a lot to become a mother.

In anger, Neeti says that Pari should have died instead of her baby which shocks everyone.

Rajeev raises his hand at her but Pari comes in between them and asks Rajeev how can he even think of hitting Neeti.

Pari demands Rajeev say sorry to Neeti but he refuses to say that Neeti is being overdramatic.

However, Pari makes him swear on the baby and tells him to apologize.

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