Parineeti 24th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 24th December 2023 episode starts with Pari kissing Gurpreet's head as she lays unconscious with a lot of hospital equipment around her.

Rajeev sees Pari so emotional from the window and comes inside, taking her outside.

He tells her that the doctor only gave them 15 minutes to be with Gurpreet and they should go now.

Pari asks Rajeev if everything will be alright and he nods his head, reassuring Parineet.

Meanwhile, as they both go outside, Pari bumps into her old school friend, Jyoti, who is a nurse at the hospital.

Pari introduces Rajeev as her soon-to-be husband and when Jyoti leaves, Pari says that she forgot to give her their wedding invitation.

However, Rajeev cajoles her to go and they can give an invitation later.

As they come home, Rajveev walks alone in his room and misses Neeti as moments of his past replay in the back of his head.

Pari who is in her room, misses her mother as she talks to herself.

She says that there is nothing better in this world than a person's parents' blessing, however, on her big day, neither Gurpreet nor Pari's father would be there.

Just then, Pari and Rajeev both look outside the window as the weather worsens.

Meanwhile, Pari also sees a black crow outside who wants to come inside the window which prompts Pari to say that something ominous might just happen.

Rajeev feels the same while Gurinder asks Bebe what is going on in her head.

Bebe taunts Gurinder that her own children listen more to Parminder than her as Gurinder lacks brains.

Meanwhile, Parminder is informed by the priest that after the Kode ceremony, Rajeev and Parineet cannot look at each others' faces.

The same is conveyed by Pari to Rajeev but he tells her that after all of this, he doesn't believe in any rituals.

Just then, Parminder comes there and advises Rajeev to follow the ritual like a good boy and the doctor for Pari's monthly check-up can visit home.

Neeti gets ready at her house and Sukhwinder praises her beauty.

She then says she is also happy as she is going to marry Rajeev which makes the smile fade away from Sukhwinder's face.

In the meantime, Rajeev and Pari sit down for the Kode ceremony and the priest announces all the instructions. 

A big cloth is kept between the two after which they cannot see each other while Bebe has a smirk on her face.

Chandrika and Babli keep the cloth in place as Pari and Rajeev stand up to go to their respective rooms.

The priest also takes his leave while Bebe tells herself that she is going to do something so big that Pari and Rajeev won't just marry but won't also be able to see each other's faces again.

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