Parineeti 24th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 24th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 24th January 2024 episode starts with Gurinder muttering to herself that Pammi has snatched both of her children from her and she wishes that her son Monty marries Babli against her will.

The pandit then calls Rajeev and Pari to the mandap so that they can get married while Pari comes in a beautiful red dress and Rajeev looks at her with eyes filled with love.

They both are lost in each other's eyes when the Pandit Ji requests them to begin with the wedding rituals.

They adorn each other in a garland of roses while everyone claps and throws flower petals over them.

Rajeev puts forward his right hand and Pari keeps her hand over his after which Rajeev promises Pari to always be with her in all ups and downs.

Meanwhile, Gurinder and Bebe tell each other that they cannot believe that Pammi's son has changed after which Pammi says while entering that it is because he shares blood with her.

Now it is time for tying the knot (Gatbandhan) which is done by Pammi after which the Pandit Ji asks them to start taking rounds of the holy fire (Phera).

Pammi happily follows Rajeev after which she heads forward and Rajeev starts following her.

Rajeev is then asked to fill vermillion in Pari's hairline which he does with the utmost love and affection.

He then takes the mangal sutra and puts it on Pari making the Pandit say that their marriage is completed and they both are husband and wife.

Pari and Rajeev start touching everyone's feet to seek blessings after which the police enter making Pari shocked as she is instantly put under handcuffs.

The female inspector says that Pari is under arrest on the charge of Neeti's murder.

Pammi immediately releases Pari's hand from the handcuff and yells at the police for falsely accusing Pari.

The female inspector says that since Pammi is of her mother's age that is why she is not taking a step against her.

Pari and Rajeev are still trying to digest that Pari is being accused of Neeti's murder as the doctor assured them that Neeti's condition was not fatal.

Pammi asks how can the police be so insensitive that they are arresting Pari on her wedding day.

The inspector says that now if anyone intereputs and hinders their job then they all will be arrested along with Pari to which Chandrika says that the police can't make use of force.

The inspector says that she has not yet used force and once she will then everyone will be surprised after that, Babli vouches for Pari saying that Pari has never done anything wrong.

The police reply that the court will decide if she is innocent or not and also Neeti is not dead but Pari is being arrested on the charge of attempt of murder against Neeti.

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