Parineeti 24th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 24th June 2023 episode starts with the police officer telling everyone that his laptop is hanging right now, so he cannot check the footage.

Hearing this, Rajeev suggests that they use the constable’s laptop for the CCTV footage, making both Rakesh and the officer stare at Rajeev with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Jay has arrived in an old man’s disguise who informs the male nurse that now he is in charge since Rakesh is in the hospital and the male nurse tells him that Pari is playing with her life.

The male nurse clarifies that Daima is a heartless person who always fakes having a daughter to get more money from people.

He further states that if Pari continues acting rebellious then very soon she will end up dead as Daima does not care for anyone’s life.

Jay’s eyes widen in shock after hearing this and he urges the male nurse to take him to the basement so the male nurse finally reveals that the only way to arrive in the basement is by using the elevator.

He arrogantly announces that only he, Daima, and a nurse have the key to the elevator which means even if anyone goes down the elevator by mistake, they will not be able to come back on their own.

Jay looks distressed to hear this and he pleads with the male nurse to take him to the basement as they need to stop Daima from killing Pari.

Otherwise, Rakesh will kill everyone if Daima harms Pari.

On the other hand, Neeti asks everyone around about the basement location but no one seems to know anything about it.

Everyone informs Neeti that there is no basement here in this hospital while Bebe smirks thinking that this basement is not written on the map of the hospital.

However, Chandrika runs to Neeti’s side, claiming that there is a basement that she and Parminder already have seen.

Chandrika and Neeti then create chaos near the receptionist, begging them to tell them the route to the basement when the receptionist threatens to call the police.

Neeti even tells the receptionist there is a nurse named Shilpa who knows about the location of the basement yet the receptionist informs her that there is no one called Shilpa here.

In the meantime, Pari is hiding behind a curtain while Daima is calling her name constantly in a sugary sweet voice and Daima smiles devilishly as she notices Pari's footprints on the floor.

She quickly removes the curtain only to find it empty while Pari has taken a path to totally different route which is darker compared to the basement.

Pari controls her sobs as she overhears Daima telling nurses that if they find Pari, then they will get 50,000 money.

On the other hand, the officer throws Rajeev into the cell for yelling at him whereas Rakesh calls Bebe, asking her to keep a tab on Neeti.

Bebe tells Rakesh that his concern is valid because Neeti is asking everyone about the basement which gets overheard by Chandrika so Chandrika runs to tell Neeti about it.

When Neeti hears this, she looks at Bebe with shock.

Back at the police station, Gurinder and Parminder both scold Rajeev for yelling at the police officer while the police officer makes it clear that he is letting Rajeev go now.

Parminder then calls Rajveer, asking him to rescue Rajeev for the trouble.

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