Parineeti 24th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev going along with Pari for his project whereas Neeti feels bad as he does not consider her ideas.

Meanwhile, Pammi murmurs that she does not want Neeti to come between Rajeev and Pari at any cost whereas Rajeev and Pari reach the site.

Pari gives him many ideas that impress Rajeev and he gets more attracted to her after that he shares Pari's ideas with Shally.

Shally is also impressed by those ideas and asks Rajeev to start working on it after that he calls Neeti and tells her about Pari's idea to Neeti.

Neeti yells at Shally for praising Pari after which he says that Rajeev does not have any creativity which provokes Neeti's anger and she gives warning to him to not say anything to Rajeev.

Shally feels weird and he is not able to understand what is cooking between Rajeev and Neeti whereas Rajeev meets Mr and Mrs. Walia regarding work after which Mrs. Walia's wife continuously stares at Rajeev which makes him feel weird but he ignores her.

After that, he goes from there and gets busy with his work so that she cannot come close to her after which he asks his colleagues to do the work with utmost care.

Later, the next day Rajeev tells Mr. Wali that he has converted his property to a luxurious resort in just seven days as per his wish.

Mr. Walia gets impressed and praises Rajeev and Shally but Shally feels bad when Mr. Walia praises Rajeev but he does not express it.

Then, Mr. Walia tells Rajeev and Shally that he is organizing a party in which he wants Rajeev to come along with his wife after which he also asks Shally to come along with Neeti.

Shally assures him that he will come along with Neeti after that Rajeev and Shally go to Bajwa's house for dinner.

Neeti and Pari serve food to everyone whereas Neeti is about to sit along with Rajeev but Pammi notices it and she stops her.

Pammi asks Pari to sit with Rajeev, saying that she should sit with her husband, which makes Neeti envious of Rajeev.

Then, She also asks Neeti to sit beside Shally whereas Bebe asks Pammi to not interrupt with small things and let them sit wherever they want.

Pammi replies that Neeti is about to get married to Shally so she should sit along with him after which she looks at Neeti.

Neeti nods her head whereas Rajeev tells everyone that he and Shally have been working on a big project for a long time so he wants Shally to come to dinner at their house.

Rajeev praises Pari's idea and says that due to her they can achieve such a big milestone after which Shally also praises Pari's idea.

Then, Rajeev tells everyone that Mr. Walia has organized a party and he has specially invited Pari and Neeti to it.

Neeti gives a weird expression and murmurs that she will wear a beautiful dress at the party so that Rajeev can get attracted to her.

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