Parineeti 24th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 24th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti becoming sweet in front of everyone when an astrologist checks their kundalini and says that Rajeev and Neeti do not have a future.

She says that if forcefully they marry each other then Rajeev's life will become hell and bad things will happen in his life which makes everyone tense.

Neeti says that she is marrying her friend Pari after that Astrologist says that they are not a good match for each other and she goes from there.

Rajeev tells Pari to think till seven after than wedding preparations will start while Pari does not say anything and she asks Chandrika what she should do in this situation.

Chandrika asks her to follow the thing that the astrologist is saying as she experienced and if Neeti regains her memory after the wedding then she will refuse to divorce Rajeev which will ruin her life.

She explains to her that Rajeev has started loving her a lot so she should not let Neeti marry him whereas Rajeev expresses his concerns to Amit and says that he is afraid of losing Pari.

Amit asks him what is making him tense after that he says that he cannot afford to lose Pari and if Pari changes after his wedding to Neeti then he will break as he was sure that Pari would never allow him to marry Neeti but she did reverse.

Meanwhile, Pari overhears his conversation and says that god will make further decisions and she asks god to never separate her from Rajeev because he cannot leave without her.

Gurinder comes into Rajeev's room and asks him where is Pari after which he asks her to tell him what she wants then Pari comes there and tells her that she was searching her.

She tells Pari the reason why Neeti and Rajeev Kundali didn't match then Rajeev asks her to tell the reason so she tells him that Rajeev is married to Pari so it is wrong to marry someone else.

Neeti also comes there and asks how can she marry Rajeev as he is married and the astrologist is also against this marriage then Gurinder says that she decided along with Bebe that if Rajeev divorces Pari he can marry Neeti.

Rajeev gets angry and says that he will not marry Neeti after which Gurinder becomes unconscious after that Bebe says that she hasn't eaten or drunk anything since morning.

After that, Rajeev gives her water to drink but she throws the glass and says that until he marries Neeti she will not eat anything.

Later on, Rajeev again goes to convince Gurinder while Pari insists her to have something but she refuses and starts coughing after which Pari asks Rajeev to not refuse to marry Neeti.

He tries to convince Gurinder but she does not listen after which he decides to marry Neeti and asks for an apology from Pari for taking divorce from her to marry Neeti.

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