Parineeti 24th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 24th November 2023 episode starts with Neeti taunting Pari in front of everyone that Pari has focused on men in her life to make Neeti feel ashamed.

Mrs Mehra takes Pari away with her while Rajeev asks Neeti to keep her mouth shut but Neeti yells at him for defending Pari all the time.

Pari’s aunt Mrs. Mehra asks Pari how Neeti can behave like this with her and also hears Neeti saying that Pari is trying to steal her husband.

Meanwhile, Pari gets emotional and defends Neeti while her Aunt says that she can't tolerate Neeti’s such behavior leading Pari to say that there is a long story behind this.

She narrates the whole story to Mrs Mehra about how she got married to Rajeev while Rajeev already loved Neeti but to protect Pari’s image, he married her.

She adds that Neeti had a miscarriage so she decided to be Neeti and Rajeev’s surrogate but Neeti got to know that Rajeev also married her.

Pari mentions how the situation started becoming complex when she decided to leave the house for Neeti’s happiness but due to unforeseen circumstances, she wasn’t able to go.

Elsewhere, Neeti goes to Pari when Pari asks Neeti to have a word with her.

Rajeev appears there while Neeti says that she does not want to talk to a woman like Pari.

Meanwhile, Rajeev takes Neeti away with him, asking her to behave normally while Neeti asks him to say sorry to her for bringing Pari into their married life.

Rajeev says sorry to her but she goes from there in anger while Bebe gives all the updates to Sukhwinder about the things that are happening in the party but by manipulating the things.

Sukhwinder curses Pari while Neeti snatches the phone and asks her mother not to worry as today she will make Pari cry a lot.

Bebe wonders what Neeti is up to while Neeti goes to the middle of the hall and tells everyone about a game of how to save their married life and prevent any third person from entering their life.

She tells about her life incident indirectly which makes Rajeev and Pari feel bad while she calls Pari and taunts her which makes Pari cry.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder goes and asks Gurinder to remove Pari from Rajeev’s life by doing something that she always does while Gurinder says that Sukhwinder can separate Pari from Rajeev by emotionally blackmailing her.

Sukhwinder considers her idea while Neeti exposes Pari’s relation with Rajeev by saying that she is a close friend of Rajeev.

In the meantime, Rajeev asks Neeti if she is drunk but Neeti raises her voice and says that she is normal and is just expressing her grief as the pain in her life has reached an extreme point.

Further, Neeti says that she does not have any guru mantra to remove a third person from her married life and gets emotional when Bebe hugs her.

Meanwhile, Neeti introduces a couple of games where she checks the compatibility between Mr and Mrs Mehra if they know each other or not.

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