Parineeti 24th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 24th October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 24th October 2023 episode starts with Rajeev telling Pari that she is having a fever so he says that he will lift her to her room while Shambhu records Rajeev picking up Pari on camera.

After that, he calls Shilpa and tells her that he wants to marry her as soon as possible because today he realized the importance of true love by seeing the love in Pari’s eyes for Rajeev.

Shilpa says that she wants to marry him too while Shambhu also tells her that Rajeev always takes care of Pari like a small child and he always protects her.

In the meantime, Bebe and Neeti come there and Neeti asks him what is he saying whereas Rajeev gives medicines to Pari and puts a handkerchief on Pari’s forehead by dipping it in water.

He also says that he is angry with her because she never takes care of herself and after that, asks her to close her eyes and she sleeps peacefully.

Then, Pari secretly opens her eyes so Rajeev says that she is cheating while Pari says that she is not able to sleep.

Meanwhile, Shambhu says that Rajeev is not only Neeti’s husband because he has observed it many times and also says that he can tell things by reading face as he has seen love in Rajeev’s heart for Pari.

Neeti gets angry and she is about to slap Shambhu but she controls herself saying that it isn’t his fault after which she goes from there.

Shambhu asks Bebe why Neeti didn’t react much so Bebe tells him that it is a sign that something wrong is going to happen soon.

Meanwhile, Rajeev sleeps near Pari’s bed.

After waking up, Pari notices him and wakes him up, asking him to sleep in his room.

Elsewhere, Neeti recalls everything that has happened in the past few days and she feels bad for herself while Rajeev says that he will sleep with Pari today so he forcefully sleeps there.

Neeti comes running to Pari’s room and sees Rajeev taking care of Pari and feels bad while Bebe murmurs about what is Neeti doing there.

Neeti goes from there while Bebe goes to Pari’s room and checks what’s happening there and she also finds that Rajeev is sitting near Pari.

Meanwhile, Neeti goes to the terrace and sits on the corner of the wall recalling the things that Daljeet and Shambhu said to her that Rajeev has married her and Pari.

After that, she recalls the day when she got engaged to Rajeev and says that she has to be strong and snatch her love from Pari.

Just then, Bebe comes to the terrace and feels frightened by seeing Neeti sitting on the corner of the wall and she manages to get her up from there.

Then, Bebe scolds her that she will die if anything wrong happens with Neeti and Bebe assures her that she is there to help her in any condition.

Meanwhile, Neeti says that nothing will happen to her as she is planning to kill Pari because, after Pari’s death, only Rajeev will come close to her.

On the other hand, Pari wakes up and sees that Rajeev isn’t there so she thinks that he has gone to sleep with Neeti.

Pari relaxes and tries to sleep after which she suddenly thinks about Parminder and gets worried.

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