Parineeti 25th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 25th February 2023 episode starts with Pari and Chandrika decorating the Bajwa house for Neeti and Rajeev’s wedding.

Arriving there just then, Neeti urges Pari and Chandrika to let her decorate the house with them but Pari and Chandrika order her to stay out of it.

While Neeti, Pari, and Chandrika are busy decorating the hall, Sulochana AKA Bebe approaches them and scolds Pari for buying real flowers for the wedding decoration.

Pari tells Bebe that she will take care of the flowers if they turn dull but it backfires as Sulochana mocks her for acting like she does every hard work of this house.

As angry Sulochana walks away, Neeti stares at Pari apologetically but before she can say anything to Pari, Sukhwinder walks in.

Neeti excitedly tells Sukhwinder that Pari’s surrogacy operation is successful while hugging Sukhwinder.

Hearing this, Sukhwinder looks at Pari sternly and drags Pari away to talk to her.

Sukhwinder accuses Pari of ruining Neeti’s life as she specifically told her to elope instead she has made the preparation to stay here for another nine months.

Pari tries to make Sukhwinder understand that whatever she is doing is for Neeti’s happiness but Sukhwinder announces that she does not care if Pari thinks it is a thread or advice.

Sukhwinder informs Pari that she can give birth to Neeti’s baby anywhere and return it to Neeti so it does not matter where she stays.

Pari lowers in shock as Sukhwinder orders her to elope this night after the marriage.

In the evening, the priest orders everyone to gather near the lord Shiva’s idol for puja and Bebe gives Pari and Neeti dirty looks as she cannot tolerate Pari's happiness.

During the puja, Gurinder urges Parminder to see how Bebe is looking at Pari and Neeti and she herself gets worried about Pari and Neeti's happiness.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder feels upset for Neeti as Neeti is taking care of her "sauten" without even realizing it when Neeti takes the aarti from Pari to give her some rest.

Once the puja is done, Rajveer, Monty, and Rajeev linger near the "Bhaang" stall to get some to feel drunk but the stall owner refuses to give them much as per Parminder's order.

This makes Rajveer comment that wives don't like their husbands' happiness but Rajeev comments that they will drink more glasses to get drunk.

Afterward, Sulochana takes some "Bhaang" from the stall owner saying that she is purchasing it for her friend.

Looking at the "Bhang", she mutters that since Pari has come into the Bajwa house, no one listens to her orders so now she will teach Pari a lesson.

In the meantime, Sukhwinder gets upset as she finds Sanju smiling while gazing at Pari but when she comes closer, she finds him waving at Neeti.

Later, Bebe's first attempt to make Pari drink the "Bhang" fails as Neeti picks up the glass instead of Pari so the next time, she specifically orders the water to give "Bhang" to Pari only.

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