Parineeti 25th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th January 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 25th January 2023 episode starts with Neeti ordering Rajeev to guess what she wants right now while Rajeev puts his hand around her from behind.

At first, Rajeev asks Neeti if she wants to go for a long drive but when Neeti announces that she is fatigued, Rajeev informs her that he knows girls love to gossip.

Neeti gets irritated hearing this and announces that Rajeev knows nothing about her and orders Rajeev to sleep.

Frustrated Rajeev mumbles that a legend has said it right no one can understand what a girl wants.

Meanwhile, Pari opens her room door to find Gurpreet and Babli at the door and Gurpreet asks Pari why she is sleeping in a guest room.

While Pari stares at Gurpreet without uttering any words, Babli announces that sometimes Rajeev needs to work late at night so Pari sleeps in the guest room to get good sleep.

This reason seems good enough to Gurpreet so she lets it slides but during her conversation with Pari, she notices Pari’s suitcase on a shelf.

Gurpreet asks Pari if everything is okay between her and Rajeev and adds that Pari should tell her the truth.

Pari is not able to answer as her mind is blank due to shock but Babli lies that Pari keeps some of her cloth in this room as she needs to get up early for work.

Gurpreet again urges Pari to give her good news the next time she comes, making Pari’s face fall since she knows she can never fulfill Gurpreet’s wish.

The next morning, a big smile spread on Neeti’s face when she wakes up as Rajeev has left his credit card for him.

Neeti then plants a soft kiss on Rajeev’s forehead to thank him since shopping is her favorite but before she can move away, Rajeev pulls her towards him.

Rajeev demands a proper kiss from Neeti and orders Neeti to stay in bed with him for some more time.

However, Neeti walks away after announcing that she can hear Biji’s footsteps coming causing Rajeev to lie still on the bed due to fear.

Neeti starts laughing looking at Rajeev’s reaction and Rajeev starts chasing her around the room.

During the chase, Rajeev and Neeti both fall onto the bed and get lost in each other’s eyes.

Afterward, Rajeev drops Neeti near the market and informs her that he needs to go to Bangaluru for work.

In the meantime, in Bjawa's house, everyone is sitting for breakfast when Pari urges Gurpreet to stay for one more day and even Parminder urges Gurpreet.

Just when Gurpreet agrees to stay Gurinder and Simmy arrive there and Gurinder arrogantly remarks that only Pari and Chandrika rule this house.

Gurinder and Simmy close their mouth as Biji takes her seat and Biji orders both of them to leave.

Meanwhile, in the shopping mall, Neeti gets surprised to see Vishal aka fake Rajeev buying a dupatta and thinks he is buying it for Pari to surprise her.

When Neeti turns to do her shopping, Vishal sees her and runs away as he does not want to encounter Neeti again.

Afterward, Neeti finds another girl at Vishal's place who is looking through the same dupatta and decides to talk to her.

While Neeti is looking around for that girl, she notices Vishal buying sherwani but before she can talk to Vishal, Vishal runs away from there with his girlfriend.

Neeti then asks the shop keeper about this who informs Neeti that Vishal is getting married today.

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