Parineeti 25th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 25th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 25th January 2024 episode starts with the lady inspector telling Pammi's son, Daljeet, and Bebe that they will arrest Pari at any cost.

Everybody defends Pari along with Gurinder and Bebe also defends her after which Rajeev also takes a stand for Pari.

After that, Pari asks about Neeti from the inspector but the lady inspector tells them that she has no idea about it and she just came here because someone complained against Pari.

Rajeevguessess that Sukhwinder might have made that complaint after which the inspector narrates everything that happened in a cave with Neeti.

The inspector also says that they have solid proof against Pari and she asks the constable to arrest Pari.

Still, Pammi tries to defend Pari and does not allow the constable to touch Pari.

The constable asks them to not breach the rules whereas the lady inspector shows proof against Pari but Rajeev does not believe it and says that Pari tried to rescue Neeti.

Pari tells her that Neeti is her lifeline so she cannot think of even harming her but the inspector takes away Pari from there.

At the same time, the guests taunt the Bajwa family for having a daughter-in-law like Pari which provokes Pammi and Chandrika's anger.

After saying this, the guests leave the function whereas Babli gets worried for Pari which makes Pammi assure her that nothing wrong will happen with Pari.

Pammi asks Chandrika to come along with her to meet Neeti as they think that it's Neeti's game plan.

Meanwhile, Pari is about to fall due to the inspector's rudeness which provokes Rajeev's anger so he scolds the inspector for misbehaving with Pari.

The inspector asks him to not waste his time and they take Pari to jail which breaks Rajeev's heart while Rajveer asks Monty to come along with him to jail to bring back Pari.

At the same time, Sukhwinder asks the doctor when will Neeti recover and the doctor tells her that she has suffered from trauma so she needs some time to recover.

On the other hand, Gurinder and Daljeet argue with other family members in Neeti's defense which irritates Rajeev and he asks everyone to stop arguing.

Later on, Pari tries to explain inspector that she has not done anything wrong with Neeti but the inspector tells her that Neeti made her complaint.

Pari does not believe in her whereas the constable puts her behind bars while Rajeev and other men of the Bajwa family reach the Police station.

In the meantime, Bebe manipulates Gurinder against Pammi so that she can fight with her without any reason and she is successful in provoking Gurinder against Pammi.

Rajeev goes inside the jail and tries to convince the Inspector to allow him to talk to Pari whereas Daljeet stares at Pari which makes her feel awkward.

Meanwhile, Rajeev assures Pari that he will bring her out of jail soon and tells her that he believes in her fully.

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