Parineeti 25th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 25th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Parvati catching Daljeet going behind Babli after which she follows her and goes behind him whereas Neeti searches for Babli but cannot find her anywhere.

Meanwhile, Parvati stops Daljeet and asks him to come along with her as Ambika is calling after which Daljeet asks what is urgent work which Ambika wants to discuss.

Rajeev recalls Parvati's word that his wife died one year ago only but he is going to marry Neeti so early which is not a good thing and recalls that Parvati said that if he was forced married to Pari and liked Neeti.

Daljeet asks Ambika what she wants to discuss after which Parvati asks him what is his qualifications as he does not understand a single thing told by Parvati and Ambika.

They lash him out whereas Rajeev imagines Pari in front of him and overhears her voice that she loves him a lot and will not go away from him at any cost no matter what.

Ambika asks Daljeet how he is managing the business when he is not able to understand a single thing that they are explaining after that Parvati says that some people like him are only meant to take away others' credit on their name.

Daljeet feels offended but does not say anything because he does not want to lose the business so he bows his head in front of them and hears whatever they say to him.

Meanwhile, Rajeev's manager gives water to Babli which he has mixed medicine so that Daljeet can take advantage of her while she is sleeping.

He asks Babli to drink it and take care of herself as no one is there to look after anyone, so they have to take care of themselves on their own while Pari tells Ambika that she is doubting Daljeet's intention regarding Babli because he is acting weird and staring at her.

Ambika asks her to control her emotions while Pari says that she has to save Babli from Daljeet's wrong intentions otherwise he will misuse her after that function begins and everyone dances and Rajeev dances along with Parvati.

Then, Parvati asks Rajeev to dance along with Neeti after which Neeti tries to make Rajeev believe in her that Parvati is not Pari then Rajeev asks her why she is trying to prove this again and again.

Neeti does not say anything while Pari searches for Babli after which Bebe murmurs that her intution is never wrong and Parvati is only Pari while Ambika notices Pari struggling so she asks her what happened.

Pari tells her that Babli is not there, so she is worried about her after that Ambika helps her to find Babli.

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