Parineeti 25th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 25th May 2023 episode starts with Gurpreet telling Pari that she liked seeing Rajeev taking care of Pari.

She states that every baby is born with its own fate so it can be possible that Pari and Rajeev will raise the kid together.

However, Pari reminds Gurpreet about the baby being Neeti’s.

Pari again clears that if Rajeev and she comes close again, it will be a wrongdoing to Neeti while Gurpreet explains that no matter what Pari says, she knows Pari still loves Rajeev very much.

This conversation gets overheard by Gurinder who is eavesdropping, hiding behind the door.

She thinks to herself that Pari is not doing something extraordinary as Rajeev’s true happiness lies in Neeti only otherwise Rajeev would not even look at Pari.

Meanwhile, Neeti is eagerly waiting for Rajeev in their room when Rajeev walks in, looking tired.

She asks Rajeev why he is late and Rajeev replies happily that he had to step into Pari’s room to make Pari drink the milk since Chandrika was unable to make Pari drink it.

The mention of Pari’s name instantly makes Neeti’s expression sour and Rajeev asks Neeti if she is okay.

She suddenly gets emotional, telling Rajeev that he is the only one important to her after her mother and she cannot live without him.

Rajeev stands up upon hearing this and asks Neeti if Pari is not important to her anymore which once again ruins Neeti’s mood.

Neeti angrily informs Rajeev that she wants them to be bonding without Pari being involved and Rajeev puts his arms around Neeti, stating that no one can come between them.

She questions Rajeev if he will still love her if she commits a big crime to which Rajeev replies that Neeti can never do anything wrong as she is a very good person.

As Rajeev turns around to leave for the bathroom, Neeti holds his hand urging him to sit with her on the bed and Rajeev pulls Neeti in for a hug.

The next morning, everyone enters the hall after getting ready to leave for the wedding function.

Bebe scolds Simmy for having an attitude because Simmy will not find a groom in this attitude.

At the same time, Pari arrives there looking very tired which makes everyone concerned for her instantly.

She explains that she is feeling dizzy so she will not go to the wedding function and Gurpreet offers to stay with her but Pari denies it.

Surprisingly Bebe takes Pari’s side for once, stating that during pregnancy it can happen so it is better to do what the girl asks.

Hearing this, everyone agrees to leave while Bebe thinks it is very important for Pari to stay alone otherwise their plan will not work out.

Later, Rajeev is driving the car with Neeti in the front seat who recalls how she and Bebe jinxed Pari’s drink with a substance that would make Pari dizzy.

Neeti justifies her action in her mind, thinking that she is doing this only to get rid of Pari as Pari tried to snatch her husband.

On the other hand, Pari is ready to read a magazine in the living room when she feels extremely sleepy and she decides to nap for some time.

As Pari starts walking away, a shadow enters the Bajwa house without making any noise and keeps a close eye on Pari.

He tiptoes around the house while keeping an eye on Pari who closes the bedroom door without realizing anyone's presence.

Meanwhile, Neeti is tense at the wedding as she is unsure of Rakesh's actions and she recalls how she has warned Rakesh not to touch Pari badly in any circumstances.

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