Parineeti 25th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 25th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari and Rajeev feeling bad while Neeti celebrates her victory and says that now Rajeev will again come back to her.

Meanwhile, Chandrika asks Pammi to stop the Neeti and Rajeev wedding then Pammi says that she has tried her hard to stop the things but nothing is in her hands.

She says that Gurinder does not want Pari to be in Rajeev's life and she has already taunted her for being Rajeev's mother every time.

Later, on the next day, the lawyer comes there and Pari sits along with Rajeev to sign the divorce papers with a heavy heart after that lawyer tells them that he will submit the papers in court and goes from there.

Pari goes into her room and cries recalling the good moments she spent with Rajeev and how he refused to marry Neeti but their destiny led them to again separate from each other.

Gurinder comes into Pari's room and tries to be good to her and says that she can understand her pain but she has to hide her pain otherwise everyone will think that she has forced her to get a divorce from Rajeev.

She asks Pari to wipe her tears and smile and let Rajeev marry Neeti as she is there for her after that she hugs Gurinder while she asks her to remove her belongings from the room as now Rajeev and Neeti's wedding is going to take place.

Pari feels bad but Gurinder also tells her that tomorrow is Rajeev and Neeti's engagement, so she asks Pari to help her in inviting people to the engagement whereas Neeti meets Gurinder, and she hugs her for helping her.

After that, Gurinder says that she has a surprise for her which makes Neeti curious, and she asks her what she has for her after that Gurinder tells her that she has manipulated Pari by saying that she is her daughter now and now it is her responsibility to look after her.

Neeti becomes happy while Gurinder also tells her that she asked Pari to vacate Rajeev's room as soon as possible while Rajeev reaches there and says that he wants to talk to Neeti alone.

Gurinder goes from there while Pari goes to invite people for Neeti and Rajeev's engagement whereas Pammi taunts Gurinder and Bebe for being happy while doing decoration then Gurinder says that she wants to reduce her burden.

Just then, Pari comes there after that Pammi asks her to make tea for her while Bebe asks her to not disturb her as she is helping them with the decoration.

On the other hand, Rajeev tells Neeti that everyone has talked about their wedding except them after which he asks her if she has any doubt regarding the purpose of their marriage then he would like to clear it right now and asks her to not keep any expectations from him after marriage.

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