Parineeti 25th November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 25th November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 25th November 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 25th November 2022 episode starts with Pari trying to change Biji’s mind but Biji firmly announces that if Rajeev goes Pari will go with him.

When Biji does not change her mind, Rajeev and Pari just look at each other with uncomfortable eyes.

Later, Neeti gets excited when Rajeev tells her about the Junagarh trip and announces they will spend quality time together.

Rajeev then informs her that Biji has ordered him to bring Pari with him to Junagarh in a low whisper and Neeti gets happy as she and Pari will do shopping together.

The next morning, in Junagarh, while walking, Neeti starts complaining about her leg pain and Rajeev scolds her for packing excessive luggage.

He then questions the nearby tea stall owner about the address that his office has given him but the tea stall owner announces this address does not exist.

While Neeti, Pari, and Rajeev are busy figuring out what they will do next, someone grabs Neeti’s purse and runs away from there.

On one hand, Pari, Neeti, and Rajeev are running behind the thief to catch him; on the other hand, Pratiksha arrives there and catches the thief.

Neeti then orders Rajeev to call the police while the thief informs them in an emotional voice that his wife is in hospital so he was forced to steal to pay the hospital bill.

Hearing this sob story, Pratiksha gives the thief some money and even tells him that he will find a job after giving him the card.

After the thief walks away with the money, Neeti tells everyone that she is skeptical about it but Pari along with Pratiksha announces that sometimes it is good to trust other people.

When Rajeev tells Pratiksha that they need to find a place to stay, Pratiksha invites them to her home.

Later in Pratiksha's home, her parents welcome Rajeev, Pari, and Neeti with a Garba dance.

After Rajeev walks away for his meeting, Pratiksha's mom urges Pari and Neeti to wear traditional Gujrati dresses for Pratiksha's engagement party.

In the evening, Pratiksha's family including Pari and Neeti welcome Pratiksha's soon-to-be husband and his family with warmth.

While Pratiksha and her groom put the ring on each other's hand, Pari wishes that Pratiksha gets her husband's love.

Pratiksha then invites Pari and Neeti to her wedding and they nod.

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