Parineeti 25th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 25th November 2023 episode starts with Neeti starting the game with Parminder and Rajveer when Priyanka comes there to start the game by asking various questions.

She says that Pammi and Rajveer’s answers are the same but Pari’s answer is a bit different when Neeti asks her not to worry and ask the next question.

After that, Mr and Mrs Mehra come but their answers are also different from the questions asked by Priyanka which leads to an argument between them.

Mrs Mehra says that she does not want to continue this game, asking Neeti and Rajeev to continue the game.

Priyanka asks Rajeev if he likes Neeti in a saree or suit when Rajeev, Neeti, and Pari mention that in air hostess uniform which surprises everyone.

After that, she asks another question that is related to Rajeev which is also correctly answered by Rajeev, Neeti, and Pari.

At last, Priyanka asks what Rajeev’s wish is and after checking the answer, Priyanka says that Pari knows Rajeev better than Neeti which breaks Neeti’s heart into pieces.

Neeti gets angry and taunts Pari that she likes Rajeev which provokes Pammi’s anger leading Neeti to go out from there followed by everyone who looks out for her.

However, Neeti apologizes to Mr and Mrs Mehra for spoiling their party and asks everyone not to bring their best friend to their home as they don’t know when she will become their husband’s cowife.

Neeti expresses her grief while Pammi asks Neeti to talk further at their home but Neeti replies that it isn’t her home and asks everyone not to trust their best friend too.

She asks to keep an eye on their husband so that they cannot make any mistakes and also never make their best friend their surrogate as she will snatch their family.

Further, Neeti explains to always keep these points in mind to maintain a happy married life and adds that she lost her child because of Pari when her lover was kidnapping her.

Neeti says that while saving Pari, she lost her baby and says that her family does not care for her happiness while Pari asks her why is she hurting herself.

Meanwhile, Neeti pushes her away which provokes Pammi’s anger but Pari asks her not to say anything to Neeti while Neeti still expresses her grudges against Pari.

Chandrika’s leg gets twisted when Amit helps her with walking while she asks him to go out and watch what’s happening there.

Amit asks her to rest and he goes to bring water for her while Pari asks Neeti not to bring her father in between their argument.

Rajeev says that Neeti will not understand her pain so it’s worthless to explain her while Pari asks him to stay away from the matter.

Neeti taunts Rajeev for always defending Pari and says that Rajeev has also become like Rakesh because of Pari’s manipulation and black magic.

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