Parineeti 25th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 25th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 25th September 2023 episode starts with Pari taking the blame on herself which makes Neeti even more enraged.

Pari solves the matter

Gurpreet notices the whole ordeal while Rajeev steps into the conversation, asking Parineet how she ended up amongst the throng of dancers.

Chandrika also takes Pari's side but Neeti asks her to quiet down.

Pari makes an excuse and asks Parminder to let it go after which Parminder asks everyone to take some rest and have food as pooja still has time.

Meanwhile, Neeti rebukes all the goons in her room, shouting at all of them and poking their capabilities. 

The female goon tells Neeti that it wasn't Victor's fault but her husband's who stepped into the middle and saved Pari due to which Victor couldn't knife Pari.

Neeti gets livid and asks the goon to shut her mouth and not blame her husband.

However, Bebe calms both parties down and asks them to work together as their only target is Pari.

In another room, Babli brings a first aid box to give to Gurpreet to heal Pari's wound.

Just then, Rajeev also comes there and sits beside Pari, rebuking her for not taking care of herself which melts Pari's heart.

Pari and Rajeev's sweet moment

Pari asks him to go away as Gurpreet is now here to take care of herself but after Rajeev goes away, Gurpreet scolds Pari for talking so rudely with Rajeev.

Pari runs behind Rajeev and questions him if he is angry with her and Rajeev says yes since she doesn't take proper care of herself.

However, Pari lets him know to not get angry as today is her last day in this house which makes Rajeev so emotional that he asks her to state that she will come back to him after the baby.

Pari gets silent and doesn't say anything.

On the other hand, Neeti is pondering over something and asks Bebe what if Pari actually dies.

Bebe tells her that either of them has to die for their happiness which in this case is Pari as she won't easily leave this house as Gurpreet has also come here.

Meanwhile, Gurinder enters Gurpreet's room and tells her harshly that Pari's father knew the condition Rajeev was marrying so it is not her fault entirely.

Further, if Pari stays here more, she knows that it will be an obstacle in Neeti and Rajeev's marriage but Gurpreet denies agreeing with this statement.

Rather, she informs Gurinder that Pari is happy with Rajeev and Neeti's marriage and is willing to go beyond limits to keep them happy.

Parminder stands up for Pari

Just then, Parminder also enters the room and asks Gurinder not to bad mouth Pari or her family as Pari is the one who has sacrificed so much for this family without thinking about her future.

In the hall, Amit comes to Chandrika with a playful mood but Chandrika ends up saying that he and his mother never wants to see her happy and storms off.

Rajveer notices this and tells Amit that a wife in a bad mood affects the whole household.

Thus, he should placate her with nice gifts which makes Amit joke with Rajveer if he does the same with Parminder.

Meanwhile, Pari tells Rajeev not to ask any questions as she has to leave the house anyhow when Babli enters there.

She irritatedly asks Rajeev why he didn't choose Pari over Neeti but Rajeev says that it is too late since her sister (referring to Pari) has already made her decision.

Pari's heart skips a beat while the goons make a plan as to how they will knife Pari successfully this time.

In the meantime, Babli goes off and Pari apologizes on her behalf but Rajeev says it is okay.

Then, Pari asks him if he has the right to make the decision regarding him and her, and what decision he will take.

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