Parineeti 26th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th August 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 26th August 2023 episode starts with Bebe telling Neeti that Pari wants to replace her in Rajeev's life.f

Ater hearing this, Neeti gets red so when Pari arrives asking Neeti what is going on with her right now, Neeti just grabs Pari's hand to drag her out of the hospital.

Once they are outside the hospital, Neeti yells at Pari about how Pari is destroying her life while Pari just stares at Neeti with disbelief.

Pari begs Neeti to calm down but Neeti shouts out in anger about Rajeev fighting for his life only because he went to save Pari deeming Pari responsible for the mishap.

Neeti frustratingly states that Pari is the reason for everything bad in their lives because she is inauspicious for them when suddenly, Parminder arrives there with Chandrika.

Parminder slaps Neeti hard for humiliating Pari, adding that Neeti has lost her mind but Neeti counters Parminder by saying that she never asked Pari to become the surrogate mother, it was Pari's own decision.

She further says that Pari rubs being pregnant on her face, expecting to get pampered by everyone which makes Pari break down in tears.

Chandrika tries to defuse the situation by saying that what happened with Rajeev is just an accident and Neeti asks Chandrika if she would say this if it was Amit in place of Rajeev.

With a grim smile, Chandrika replies that she would say the same thing and at the same time, Gurinder enters the hospital block.

Gurinder tells everyone that they are blind for not being able to see how Pari is ruining their lives and Parminder asks Gurinder to calm down.

Parminder informs Gurinder that she will talk to Gurinder after everything stating that he should be prepared.

Just then, Neeti falls unconscious and everyone rushes her to the hospital room where the doctor informs them that Neeti is very stressed.

He advises Neeti to go home otherwise her health will deteriorate even more after which Parminder urges everyone to return home with Neeti.

At the same time, Chandrika reveals that the hospital staff has allowed only her, Pari, and Monty to stay here with Rajeev for the night which drives Neeti crazy.

Neeti does not answer Pari when Pari asks her how she is doing, instead, she walks out of the hospital with Bebe following her.

When Neeti and Bebe arrive at the Bajwa house, they find Shambhu lurking near the main door and they drag him to Bebe's room to discuss about what he is doing here.

Bebe scolds Shambhu for coming at the Bajwa's since he knows very well that the Bajwa family is going through a tragedy and Neeti slaps Shambhu for being irresponsible.

Meanwhile,in hospital, the doctor informs Pari that Rajeev needs to get his consciousness back within twenty four hours otherwise his life will be threatened.

Pari gets shocked to learn this and she turns to look at Rajeev through the window with tears rolling down her eyes.

Chandrika and Monty try to console Pari by saying that she needs to accept that god is trying to reunite both Rajeev and her, but Pari declines to hear it because at present, Rajeev is Neeti's husband.

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