Parineeti 26th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 26th February 2023 episode starts with Bebe instructing the waiter to give the drinks spiked with "bhaang" to Pari and Neeti.

As Neeti and Pari perform a dance together, everyone cheers them on and Sanju praises them.

As the dance ends, Bebe signals the waiter to hand them the juice that has been spiked and is excited to let the truth about Sanju’s prior marriage to Pari get exposed in front of Neeti.

Bebe teases Pari and Neeti who amongst them is the real queen of Sanju’s heart and they are confused by her posing this question rather coyly.

Adding that while Neeti is in love with Sanju, Bebe says that it seems Sanju is in love with Pari.

Pammi sees Bebe trying to create a nuisance unnecessarily and pulls her away by lying that she's needed to help with something.

As Bebe leaves, Pari tries to reassure Neeti and tells her that Bebe is just talking nonsense all the time.

Pari tells Neeti that she's her whole life and Sanju comes over to join them. 

Neeti tells Pari that for her, Pari is even more important than Sanju then Sanju aka Rajeev adds that for him too Pari’s importance has increased now that she’s carrying his and Neeti's child.

On the other hand, Pammi begs Bebe to stay out of Neeti and Pari's relations and not tell everything to Neeti as it will cause no one any good.

Bebe tells her explicitly that she has no liking for Pari but promises her that she won't be the one revealing any dark secrets.

Though reassured by Bebe, Pammi still has a gut feeling that some mishappening is about to happen.

Later, Neeti asks Pari to help her get ready for her wedding as per their childhood promise.

She expresses her gratitude to Pari once again for she's the reason she could get Sanju and now will get her child.

As Bebe spies on the girls discreetly, she is confused as to why the spiked drink is not having any effect and goes to the vendor to tell him that his "bhaang" is adulterated.

He reassures Bebe that within 10 minutes the girls will be intoxicated but Sukhwinder overhears the conversation.

Having caught Bebe red-handed talking to the "bhaang" vendor, Sukhwinder asks her what she’s up to but Bebe storms out saying that it has not had any effect yet so she needn’t worry who it was for.

As Neeti starts to get dressed for the wedding, she recalls the day she met Sanju for the first time and how she wanted him to be hers since that day.

Pari thinks to herself that it was the same day she had also met Sanju and had mistakenly thought it was her destiny to meet him that day.

When Neeti asks her to help her with the necklace, Pari begins to feel dizzy and excuses herself.

Pari goes outside and tells Babli immediately that her head is spinning as if she"s intoxicated and Babli is surprised as she knows Pari doesn't drink at all.

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