Parineeti 26th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 26th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari lashing out at Daljeet for trying to misbehave with Babli and Ambika supports her in it while Babli is completely terrified of him.

Parvati slaps Daljeet after which he goes from there while Parvati assures Babli that she is always there for her which reminds Babli of Pari, and tears come in her eyes.

Just then, Gurpreet comes there and wonders what Parvati and Ambika are doing along with Babli after which Babli lies to her that she was showing room to Parvati and Ambika.

Gurpreet finds something weird when Chandrika comes over there and asks Gurpreet to do the work and not leave the guest alone, so she goes to look after the guest.

Ambika asks Babli to do an F.I.R. against Daljeet, but she refuses and says that she cannot do this because they don't have any place to hide their head except Bajwa's house.

Bebe tries to be sweet with Babli and says that she agrees with Ambika that they should complain to the police but Babli shivers and says that she cannot do this.

After that, Parvati assures Babli that she needs not panic as she is there for her always after which Babli thanks her for taking her care.

Bebe says that if she requires her help then she can ask for it anytime whereas Rajeev gets angry over Daljeet while Neeti tries to calm him and says that she will look after the things.

Rajeev does not listen to her, and he beats Daljeet while he can maintain his balance after taking alcohol Rajeev says that he will complain against him to the police which panics Neeti.

She asks him to not take any action otherwise their image will get ruined, and they will lose the investment that Ambika has made in their project, but Rajeev does not listen to her.

Then, Gurinder comes there and says that she thinks about everyone, but they should not be so strict with Daljeet as he is not conscious, and she asks Rajeev to leave him for Pammi after which he thinks about it.

Gurinder asks Rajeev to thank Parvati as she saved Babli from Daljeet after which he goes from there while Neeti scolds her for reminding Pari of Rajeev.

Afterward, Gurinder says that she did it intentionally so that Rajeev's attention can be diverted after that Daljeet gains consciousness and Gurinder scolds him and Neeti goes behind Rajeev so that he can sign the papers of the property.

Parvati is also there after that Rajeev says that they have to take strict action against Daljeet which melts Pari's heart whereas Ambika murmurs that Rajeev would have gotten an idea that Parvati is Pari.

She asks Rajeev to take action against Daljeet and she yells at Rajeev for not protecting Babli from monsters like Daljeet.

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