Parineeti 26th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 26th March 2023 episode starts with Parminder trying to calm Gurinder down by saying that only Mr. Mehra is the only one being kidnapped.

Bebe remarks that Sanju was only with his boss so it is very much possible for him to get kidnapped too.

Feeling irritated by Bebe’s words, Parminder orders her to not say stupid things but it backfires as Bebe starts throwing tantrums for always being yelled at by Parminder.

Bebe announces that she is leaving the Bajwa house since no one cares for her anymore and she pretends to get faint.

Noticing Bebe fainting, Neeti rushes to her to hold her while Bebe mutters that she may be leaving the house but if Neeti needs her, she is always here.

Just then, Rajveer walks in to announce that Rajeev’s boss has been kidnapped and that he has found Rajeev’s car on the street.

Hearing this, everyone starts worrying about Rajeev while Neeti informs Rajveer that Rajeev is not picking up her calls.

Rajveer then calls Rajeev to know if he is okay or not when a random stranger picks up and reveals that Rajeev has been abducted by some goons.

On the other hand, in an abandoned building, Rajeev is tied to a chair while one of the goons removes the cloth from his mouth.

Rajeev reveals that he is Rajeev Mehra, not Mr. Mehra, causing the goons to get shocked so the goons check Rajeev’s ID.

The goons start getting nervous after realizing their mistake and the leader, Katiya gets a call from Vikram who informs Katiya that he is coming to meet Mr. Mehra.

Afterward, Katiya calls Mr. Mehra to tell him that if he wants to stay safe, he has to give twenty-lakh otherwise they will not release Rajeev but Mr. Mehra declines the offer saying that the police will save Rajeev.

The goons then decide to call the Bajwa family for ransom so they can get out of the trouble.

Elsewhere, in the police station, the police officer refuses to lodge a missing report of Rajeev as he is sure Rajeev must have gone on a vacation without telling Neeti.

As the Bajwa family returns to Bajwa's house feeling defeated, they find Gurpreet sitting in the living room.

Gurpreet apologizes to everyone for her sudden arrival saying that she was having bad feelings so she came to check if Pari is alright or not.

At the same time, Neeti embraces Gurpreet in a hug revealing that her husband Sanju has been kidnapped.

Neeti also calls Gurinder's mom confusing Gurpreet so she asks Gurinder what about her son but before Gurinder can answer, Pari, drags her away.

On one hand, Pari reveals the truth to Gurpreet about Rajeev marrying Neeti; on the other hand, Bebe tries to instigate Neeti against Gurpreet by saying that Gurpreet knows Pari is married to Sanju yet she is just pretending.

Neeti orders Bebe to not remind her about Pari's marriage with Sanju since she does not like it while Bebe mutters Neeti is stupid.

On the other hand, Pari informs Gurpreet that Rajeev and Sanju both are the same people while begging Gurpreet to not reveal the truth to Neeti.

Gurpreet tries to change Pari's mind by saying that she is the first wife of Rajeev so Neeti should leave this house but Pari makes Gurpreet understand that Rajeev only loves Neeti.

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