Parineeti 26th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Madhu misbehaving with Rajeev and trying to get close to him by giving him the wrong medicines.

Rajeev tries to get away from her but she does not leave him after which Rajeev marks his nail on her shoulder in his defence.

Meanwhile, Jankee stands outside her room and overhears the things going on inside Madhu’s room.

Just then, Madhu tries to kiss Rajeev after which he requests her to go away but she does not listen after which he takes Pari’s name loudly.

Everyone hears Rajeev’s voice and they come to Madhu’s room to see what is happening after which they see Rajeev and Madhu in bad condition.

Mr. Walia gets angry whereas Rajeev is not able to stand properly after which Mr. Walia holds his collar and slaps him.

Pari protects Rajeev and says that he has not done anything whereas Neeti also takes Rajeev's stand.

Madhu smirks as the media also comes there and telecasts everything live while Pari requests Madhu to tell the truth but she does not say anything.

At the same time, police also come there and arrest Rajeev for misbehaving and harassing Madhu.

Pari starts crying and asks the police not to arrest Rajeev but the police ask her to directly come to the police station and tell them everything.

On the other hand, the Bajwa family also watches Rajeev’s news on television and they are not able to believe this thing .Amit gets angry and he is about to fight with Mr. Walia.

Pammi stops him after which he receives a call from Mr. Walia and he informs Amit that he will not leave Rajeev easily.

He blames Rajeev for harassing Madhu and says that his wife is very innocent after which Amit is about to yell at him but Pammi cuts the call and asks him to have patience.

On the other hand, journalists empower Madhu and say that they will help her in fighting for justice whereas Neeti murmurs that she will kill Madhu.

Pari goes to the police station whereas Amit also goes to the police station to rescue Rajeev but the inspector says very bad things about Rajeev and asks Amit to bring enough evidence that Rajeev is innocent.

Madhu comes there and requests the Police to file an F.I.R. against Rajeev whereas Rajveer also comes there and requests the Police to leave Rajeev but the inspector yells at him and asks him to go away from there.

Mr. Walia tells Pari that he will not let Rajeev live peacefully after which Pari takes Rajeev’s stand and says that she will prove Rajeev innocent soon whereas Madhu stares at Pari while she argues with Mr. Walia and murmurs that she will demean her too.

Amit creates drama after which the police say that they will send him behind bars too after which Neeti also shouts which provokes the inspector.

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