Parineeti 26th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 26th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 26th May 2023 episode starts with Rakesh entering Pari’s room after Pari falls asleep in the room.

He looks at sleep Pari with a smirk, saying that he does not understand why he has to meet Pari like this while Pari lies unconsciously on the bed.

Looking at Pari’s face, he mutters that he has come with so many gifts for her in his car and that he will give Pari the gifts very soon.

Rakesh then takes a selfie with sleeping Pari while he smiles widely at the camera.

At the same time, Rajeev enters the room after breaking it and Rakesh jumps out of the bed with a big smile.

Rakesh tells Rajeev that it was Pari who urged him to come to Bajwa’s house when Rajeev questions him why he is here.

Rajeev does not believe Rakesh’s words, instead, he accuses Rakesh of trying to ruin Pari’s life which makes Rakesh laugh out loud.

Afterward, when they enter the living room, Rakesh announces that he and Pari have sorted out their differences and now, Pari loves him.

Rajeev orders Rakesh to keep his mouth shut since Pari was the one who called him from the hospital to alert him about Rakesh disturbing her.

Hearing this, Rakesh states that Pari was angry at him so he was following Pari around to calm her down when Neeti also arrived at the hospital to come between them.

He states that he has brought champagne and cake to celebrate with Pari in this house after Pari called him while everyone looks at him with disgust.

Gurpreet announces that her Pari can never do this and Rakesh is lying while Parminder calls Rakesh a creep for trying to ruin good girls.

Simmy also questions Rakesh about how he is roaming freely since he should be locked up in jail for obsessing over Pari.

Gurinder also reminds Rakesh about how he killed Neeti’s child.

Once everyone stops talking, Rakesh calmly states that it was Pari who told the police that it was an accident since she loves him.

Just then, Pari comes out of her room, looking distressed as she cannot believe that Rakesh is once again ruining her life.

She pleads with Rakesh to keep his mouth shut but Rakesh reminds her about how they decided to celebrate today by cutting a cake.

He questions Pari that if she has not asked him to come then how he is here?

Meanwhile, Neeti cunningly tells everyone that they should trust Pari even though she does not have any proof.

Neeti further informs Pari that Pari was in the same room with Rakesh which causes Pari to break down in tears.

At the same time, Rajeev announces that Rakesh is lying that causes Rakesh to ask Rajeev why he is being so jealous all of a sudden.

Rajeev is about to say Pari is his wife but he changes his words quickly, stating that he would same for every girl as he feels Neeti's sharp gaze on him.

Bebe enjoys the drama, thinking if Pari has told Neeti the truth about their marriage, then Neeti would not be so determined to make Pari leave.

Meanwhile, Pari begs Rajeev to believe her as she does not know how Rakesh has entered the Bajwa house with tears in her eyes.

Just then, Rakesh shows everyone a picture of him and Pari on the bed.

This picture makes everyone stare at Pari with suspicion and Rakesh even orders Pari to run away with him so they can start a new life with their baby.

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