Parineeti 26th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 26th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari making tea for Pammi after which Neeti and Gurinder also come there and Rajeev also joins them.

Rajeev asks Pari to find his wallet after which Gurinder says that Neeti will find his wallet but Rajeev says that Neeti does not know where his belongings are kept.

He insists that Pari come and find after which Neeti also insists that Pari go and see the wallet after that she scolds Gurinder for forcing things on Rajeev as he will get to know that they are intentionally trying to remove Pari from his life.

Gurinder tells her that it is the reality and Neeti says that they don't have to make Rajeev feel it and after some time, the tailor comes to take Rajeev's measurements for Sherwani while Gurinder becomes happy and says that Rajeev and Neeti dress will look similar to each other.

Pari feels heartbroken and she starts crying in a corner recalling her engagement with Rajeev after that she tries to make herself understand that Neeti is doing all these things for her happiness.

Later, on everyone gets ready for the engagement party while Amit again asks Rajeev to rethink while Gurinder overhears their conversation and scolds Amit.

She asks Rajeev to come along with her and she asks him to not listen to anyone while Pari comes along with Neeti and Rajeev feels bad for her.

Meanwhile, the girl who noticed Neeti pushing Pari into the well notices Neeti and she says that thing thinking that she is telling it to her mother, but Bebe overhears her and hides her in a room.

That girl asks Bebe why she is bringing her to an empty room after that Bebe lies to her that they are going to play hide and seek after that she asks Bebe to let her go from there.

She tells Bebe that she has to complain about Neeti to her mother after that Bebe tries to manipulate her and says that if she stays there and plays games with her then he will give her a big gift and that girl gets convinced.

Bebe comes out of the room and locks her whereas Pari finds that girl, but she cannot find her after that she talks about it to Rajeev and breaks down thinking about her child.

Rajeev hugs her while she thanks him for marrying Neeti whereas Neha's mother searches for her at the party Rajeev asks Pari to have an engagement with him as they didn't do it when they married.

Pari says that she cannot do the engagement after that Rajeev says that he loves her, and he will decide what he will do then he exchanges the ring with Pari while Gurinder dances along with Neeti and Bebe comes there and whispers in Neeti's ear that Neha knows about her truth that she pushed Pari in well.

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