Parineeti 26th October 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 26th October 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 26th October 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 26th October 2022 episode starts with Gurinder getting a call from Pari’s mother who questions her if Rajeev is okay.

Panicked Gurinder lies that Rajeev and Pari are sleeping together and cuts the call.

After the call, Gurpreet informs Harman that Gurpreet has cut the call, and Harman announces that he is sure the Bajwa family has thrown Pari out of the house.

Gurpreet on the other hand assures herself that Pari has not gone to Barnala.

She further blames Pari for Rajeev’s cheating and accuses Pari’s bad luck for it.

Meanwhile, Pari is cursing her luck for getting into this brothel and she even starts recalling how previous groom families rejected her for her bad luck.

She even thinks about Neeti and decides to run away.

While Pari is banging on the door, a woman arrives there and orders Pari to meet Kamla Masi.

Hearing the word Masi, Pari thinks Kamla must be a good woman who can help her.

Pari starts begging Kamla to let her go as she comes from a very respectful family.

Kamla, however, starts narrating her own story about how she had a loving family but her father-in-law sold her into the brothel.

She further adds in a sorrowful voice that after spending one night here Kamla’s husband rejected her.

Pari again tells Kamla that a woman understands another woman’s pain but Kamla laughs at it.

Kamla then orders Pari to accept this new lifestyle and get ready to meet the businessman.

Kamla even makes Pari understand that some women sell their brains in a big companies and they sell their bodies so Pari should accept it as a job.

Pari ignores Kamla’s words and continues begging for her freedom but Kamla orders Pari’s kidnappers to lock her inside till she accepts this.

The next morning, while Neeti is doing yoga, she gets a call from Gurpreet who questions her if she knows about Pari.

Neeti tells Gurpreet that Pari must be busy with Rajeev.

Thinking Pari must have not told Neeti about Rajeev’s cheating, Gurpreet cuts the call.

After the call cuts, Neeti starts worrying about Pari’s well-being.

Meanwhile, in a brothel, a girl arrives in the room and throws some clothes at Pari, and orders her to change.

Pari begs that girl to let her go but the girl throws a glass of water at her face.

Afterward, while the brothel owner is advising to learn some attitude from Pari, Pari comes out of the washroom and pretends to cough.

Looking at a kind-looking girl, Pari begs her to give her the phone through her eyes.

Though the girl gets scared, she gives Pari the phone regardless.

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