Parineeti 27th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 27th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 27th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 27th February 2023 episode starts with Babli asking Pari if she has drunk something though she knows Pari does not drink any alcohol.

Recalling Bebe’s reaction while she was drinking the juice, Pari is about to answer Babli but she notices Rajeev stumbling in his steps.

Pari questions Rajeev if he is feeling the same thing to which Rajeev replies that he is feeling as if he is flying.

Rajeev even says that he is seeing two Pari where Babli is standing near Pari.

Pari orders Babli to stay with Rajeev since she has to talk to someone and walks away from there.

Meanwhile, Bebe is looking at when Pari arrives there and accuses Bebe of mixing something in her drink.

Without any ounce of guilt, Bebe accepts that she indeed has mixed “Bhang” in her drink as Neeti deserves to know the truth.

Bebe announces that Parminder, Gurinder, and Pari have played with Neeti so she is going to tell Neeti the truth.

As Pari informs Bebe that she respects her just like her own Bebe, Sulochana mocks her by saying that everyone in this house obeys Pari more than her.

Bebe makes it clear that due to Pari, she has lost authority in the house and she knows Pari wants Sanju back.

Pari feels disgusted hearing such things when Parminder enters the room.

Parminder orders Bebe to pack her bags to leave since she does not want Bebe to ruin her family.

Bebe’s mouth falls open as she never thought Parminder would insult her like this while Parminder informs her that she too has her differences with Rajeev but will never stoop this low.

After Parminder takes Pari away, Bebe announces in anger that she cannot tolerate Pari any longer so she will throw Pari out of the house tonight only.

On the other hand, in the hall, Parminder admires Pari for her kindness as Pari says that she is going to decorate Neeti’s first night room.

While walking, Pari stumbles again on her feet as she again feels dizzy and Babli holds her hand.

Babli informs Pari that Rajeev is drunk so Pari runs to check on him.

Later, she finds Rajeev crying in the room like a little kid while Bebe closes the door with a thud.

Bebe runs to bring Neeti to show her the truth whereas a drunk Rajeev informs Pari that he has forgotten to buy a gift for his Neeti.

Pari takes out a flower garland from the bedpost and orders him to gift this flower garland to Neeti saying it will make her very happy.

Drunk Rajeev then tells Pari that he loves Neeti very much to which Pari replies that Neeti is her lifeline.

Meanwhile, Neeti hears a knock on the door which brings a smile to her face as she thinks Pari has come to take her but gets disappointed to find Bebe.

Bebe tells Neeti that everyone in the house admires Pari to which Neeti replies that indeed Pari is a very kind person.

However, Neeti gets angry when Bebe mentions that Pari will soon steal everything from her.

She even suggests Pari is going to give a baby to this family so Pari has become everyone's favorite whereas everyone sympathizes with Neeti only.

This makes Neeti so angry that she throws Bebe out of her room.

Meanwhile, Rajeev holds Pari's hand to stop her from flying while he himself thinks the room is flying away.

Afterward, Pari creates a fake fire to make sure Rajeev does not get scared anymore.

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