Parineeti 27th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 27th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 27th January 2024 episode starts with Parineeti requesting the inspector to shift her to a different place because she feels awkward with the lady sharing the same room with her.

After that, the inspector asks her if she tried to kill Neeti after which Pari tells her that she hasn’t harmed Neeti.

Meanwhile, Pammi asks Daljeet to whom was he talking but Daljeet lies to her that he is talking to the manager.

She does not believe in him and tells him that she saw him giving money to that man for doing his work.

Then, he tries to justify himself, but she slaps him whereas Sukhwinder asks Rajeev to go away from there because she considers him responsible for harming Neeti.

At the same time, Gurinder burst over Sukhwinder and warned her for misbehaving with Rajeev and Bebe also defended Rajeev.

Bebe tells Sukhwinder that she and Gurinder are in support of Neeti, but Sukhwinder requests her to leave her daughter now.

On the other hand, Pammi references Rajeev as a good son which provokes Daljeet’s anger, and he starts counting Rajeev’s bad deeds in front of Pammi.

She ignores the things that Daljeet tells her whereas Rajeev goes to meet Neeti and asks her why she did wrong to Pari.

Neeti gets angry with him whereas Gurinder tries to explain to Sukhwinder, but she does not listen to her and breaks every relation with them.

In the meantime, Rajeev scolds Neeti for filing a complaint against Pari after which Neeti warns him for making fake allegations about her.

Then, she comes out of her ward and Babli asks her the same question, so she justifies herself by saying that she is not wrong at her place.

Chandrika and Pammi question her but Neeti requests them to not interfere between her and Pari.

On the other hand, Rajveer and Amit go to a lawyer to fight their case on behalf of Pari but the lawyer throws tantrums on them.

Meanwhile, Rajeev gets locked in the room so he asks for help whereas Gurinder taunts Sukhwinder that even she is not interested in keeping any relationship with her.

After that, Bebe and Gurinder go away from there whereas Sukhwinder collides with Pammi and Chandrika.

She thinks that they have come to see Neeti, but Pammi clarifies that no one is interested in Neeti anymore.

Then, Pammi along with Chandrika goes from there while Babli tries to demean Neeti in front of Sukhwinder which provokes Sukhwinder’s anger.

She asks Babli to keep her mouth quiet because she always speaks illogical things that are senseless.

In the meantime, Sukhwinder comes out of the hospital whereas Neeti escapes, and Compounder comes behind Neeting chasing her.

Just then, Daljeet tries to explain to Pammi that Pari has tried to kill Neeti whereas Rajeev comes into the lawyer’s office.

After reaching there he explains everything to a lawyer but the lawyer tells him that Pari’s case is complicated.

At the same time, the lawyer receives a call from the inspector and she informs him that today judge will declare Pari’s punishment which makes the lawyer anxious.

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