Parineeti 27th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 27th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 27th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 27th June 2023 episode starts with Pari struggling to find out her way out of the basement but hears a ambulance noise and looks up to find a drainage hole where Rajeev is standing by.

She calls out his name but Rajeev ignores thinking it to be his fake intuitions.

Meanwhile, Neeti walks in the other side of the basement startled to see illegal works taking place on innocent humans.

Later, Neeti starts recording Shilpa injecting drugs on a patient to keep an evidence against the hospital while Shilpa catches her and runs away.

Neeti follows her, grips her tightly and threatens her with a knife to tell her about Pari’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Rakesh comes and makes Neeti unconscious with chloroform and asks a goon to tie her hand and legs tightly as she is too cunning to handle.

Elsewhere, Daimaa says Pari has complicated her abortion and decides to kill her because Pari has troubled her so much.

Daimaa reaches by Chandrika to check on her for her abortion but sees Bebe and recalls her being with Pari and leaves.

Meanwhile, Bebe leaves telling Parminder that she is not feeling comfortable but Parminder follows her to get back Chandrika’s phone from her.

On the other hand, Pari sits down losing all her energy while a snake comes in front of her, trying to sting her.

Later, Daimaa pulls Bebe and asks why does she intends to unevil her and cheat her with Chandrika but Bebe ensures her saying she is with them and advices her to pretend not to know her.

Bebe advices her to keep Neeti off Pari while Dai maa says Pari’s motherly intuitions are too strong which gives her power to fight back.

However, Bebe warns her to abort Pari’s child as soon as possible because if Rajeev will arrive, things can go worse.

Concurrently, Parminder finds it dubious that Bebe was chatting with a nurse and asks her what she was doing, while Bebe pretends to be scolding Dai maa for ignoring Chandrika.

On the other hand, the two goons trace Pari and forcefully drags her with them while Pari struggles to free herself but the snake retracts and follows the two goons, trying to sting them while Pari flees away.

Meanwhile, Chandrika asks Parminder why she is upset or is she ignoring her because Gurinder has not accepted Chandrika a part of the family because she is Bengali.

Parminder assures her and tells that she doubts that Bebe is upto something wrong as she was chatting so friendly with that evil Daimaa.

Chandrika confirms that even she had noticed Bebe with Rakesh and talking to someone about Pari in the hospital.

Parminder asks her why she did not inform this to her earlier and concludes that Bebe certainly is planning to conduct something against Pari and the family.

Rajeev rushes throughout the hospital, searching Pari and decides to call Neeti but on the other side Shilpa cuts the call.

Later, Shilpa scared of getting caught picks the call and informs him that Neeti is admitted.

Rajeev checks the room and finds no one there and warns back Shilpa that if anything happens to Neeti, he will not spare anyone.

Meanwhile, Parminder finds Bebe in a grubby area and warns her not to try to break her household or harm Pari, otherwise she will not spare her.

On the other hand, Rajeev runs out of the hospital and observes the drainage while Pari sees Rajeev from a distance in the basement via the drain and calls out his name for help.

Rajeev unaware of Pari being inside, tries to open the drain to find a way in but later runs away seeing the police.

Meanwhile, Pari is left shocked seeing Rajeev disappear and weeps when suddenly someone hits her and she faints.

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