Parineeti 27th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 27th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti looking into Daljeet's eye and saying that she will never tolerate any man misbehaving with any woman whether she is her enemy or her friend.

Daljeet says that she likes Babli that's why he tries to be close to her after that Neeti becomes angry and asks him to choose anyone else other than Babli in this world.

She says that she does not like anyone bringing relation into her work after that Daljeet asks her why does not, and she removes Babli and Gurpreet from the house.

After that, Neeti tells him that she has kept them there so that Rajeev cannot remove her from the house that's why she behaves like that she is worried for Pari's family which Rajeev likes the most.

Meanwhile, Ambika praises Parvati and says that today she carried Parvati's role very well in herself after that Pari says that she got all this motivation from her only to become Parvati.

Pari says that earlier she used to wonder why she didn't also die along with her child but now she feels that god has kept her alive so that she can take revenge on her enemies and other people will think before doing such kind of act.

Neeti goes into her room and changes her dress while Gurinder comes there and asks her if she can come inside after that Neeti asks her to go and have sleeping pills and sleep.

Gurinder requests Neeti to listen to what is she trying to say after that Neeti asks her what she wants to tell then Gurinder tells her that Parvati is only Pari then Neeti says that she knows about it but is not able to prove it.

Neeti asks why Pari would have come there even after knowing that they tried to kill her while Gurinder says that there would be some reason that's why she has come there.

Babli sits along with Gurpreet after which she asks her if something happened with her today then Babli lies to her that nothing happened while Pari murmurs that she cannot sleep without confirming that Babli is fine.

She decides to go and meet Babli and says that's why she left her bag in Bajwa's house so that no one can doubt her whereas Rajeev is not able to sleep and asks god to clarify if she is Parvati or Pari.

Pari goes to Bajwa's house to see Babli but Rajeev comes in front of her and becomes happy to see her while Neeti wakes up thinking that Pari will bring her reality in front of everyone.

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